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Aussies spending up big on pampered pets

Australian pet expenditure is up 31% per animal

If you are spoiling your pet with more than a few luxuries you are not the only one. Australian pet owners spent $12.2 billion on their fur babies last year. 

In a national study of pet ownership, Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) found that nearly two in three Australian households own a pet.

While total cat and dog ownership numbers show a small increase average household expenditure on pets increased by 31% per animal.

Executive director Ben Stapley told ABC Radio Canberra pet owners are indulging their pets with premium pet services.

“A number of the services that people are spending money on didn’t even exist three or four years ago when we last did this survey,” he said.

“We found that people are spending their money on premium products and service,”

“Things like doggy day spas, for example, rather than just the basic pet grooming.”

The increase in pet owners seeking premium pet services has opened the door for companies like PetCloud who connect pet services with pet owners via an accessible online platform. 

PetCloud puts the power in pet owners hands to choose the service that suits their needs and location while providing piece of mind with all sitters covered by $10million insurance policy and listings displaying reviews, qualification, pet cruelty history checks and verifications.

If your furbaby is a pooch you are one average spending almost twice as much on your pet than those who own a cat.

The average dog-owning household spend an estimated $1,975 a year on their dogs, including $622 annually on pet food and $397 on veterinary services.

And the average cat owning household is spending $1,480 on their furry friends a year.

Mr Stapley said the cost increase was associated with people choosing to spend more.

“Most pet owners want to provide their pets with the best possible life, and are now spending more across an increasing range of pet supplies and services to keep them healthy and happy,” he said.