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New Citygreen product Stratavault 45 delivers 50% strength improvement

Release: July 13, 2017

Citygreen’s structural soil system, Stratavault, set the bar on two fronts: strength and sustainability. 100% stronger than other brand soil cells, it is also constructed of 100% recycled plastic polymers – ensuring maximum environmental benefit and ‘Green Building’ contribution. Today, Citygreen is taking this product to the next level – announcing the launch of Stratavault 45.

An exciting evolution of the existing Stratavault product, Stratavault 45 is 50% stronger again – making it suitable for use in more demanding, highly-trafficked locations. Stratavault 45 offers the same benefits as the existing product, providing adequate vault space and uncompacted soil for urban trees to thrive under pavements.

Stratavault 45’s increased strength performance has been achieved by using a different resin – ABS. A stiffer resin, ABS has less give and offers a higher strength load. In line with Citygreen’s commitment to sustainability, it is still 100% recycled and therefore offers the same environmental benefits as the original Stratavault product.

With comprehensive testing completed in registered laboratories, Stratavault 45 is as strong as it claims to be. Citygreen’s stringent Quality Assurance process also ensures the structural integrity of the product, with one part out of every two batches pulled apart and tested in the factory using a hydraulic press. Impressively, a single 600mm x 600mm module can withstand 14 tonnes of down force.

A full-scale trial is about to commence in Lynwood Avenue in the City of Canning, Perth. A collaborative trial with the council, Citygreen is sponsoring this research and development project with provision of all labour costs by the City of Canning. Citygreen’s range of different structural systems will be placed under a road pavement, with scientific load cells under the matrix connected to cables that will come up through the pavement and give accurate readings of strength performance. Whilst thorough testing has been completed in the lab and factory, nothing compares to real-life testing in situ, so Citygreen looks forward to seeing how its innovative new technology performs. Stay tuned for the results.

See the Stratavault 45 specifications here .

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