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Australian brother’s innovations providing interest in golf training

Two Australian PGA members who are also brother's are creating interest in their innovative adjustable platform technology for golf

Long-time Australian PGA members Brett and Mark Officer are creating a great deal of interest in their recently released innovations relating to technology in golf training. The brothers have developed electric hydraulically controlled adjustable hitting and putting platforms that can be used as stand-alone products as well as with existing technologies.

Their Perfectstroke Adjustable Putting Platform can be utilised in an indoor putting studio environment to create straight and breaking putts of up to twelve feet. The putting platform can be used with SAM Puttlab to analyse golfers putting strokes firstly with straight ten foot putts which is the industry standard and then in the case of more advanced players, measure putts where break is involved. The underlying goal in analysing the breaking putts is to ascertain whether the player can maintain aim and stroke technique when putting in whatever situation, this is a commonality in good putters.

The putting platform can be set up in a studio situation with a fixed camera system which when used in conjunction with the SAM Puttlab provides incredible feedback. Players can do live training using either the Puttlab or the camera system which can include audio feedback on putter face angle at address. In addition each platform has a backboard with degree and inch markings that an elevated line can be attached to. This then provides a definitive aim point where ball start direction can be monitored on straight and breaking putts which relates back to the players ability to aim and produce the same stroke mechanics on every putt. Golfers training with this system have shown incredible improvement in aim at address, technique and distance control.

Managing Director of Perfectstroke Mark Officer said “We have decided to manufacture and make available to golf academies, facilities and avid golfers both the hitting platform and putting platform which up until recently was only available in our own facilities. Our first electric putting platform was put into operation in 2007 and since then we have continued to refine and develop the products which we believe to be world class”. Officer went on to say “The hitting platform used in conjuction with the Foresight GC Quad has created a great deal of interest because of its ability to simulate on course situations that you can’t normally practice. How hitting from different slopes can affect path and plane and lead to swing changes is well known to top level coaches as well.”

The Perfectstroke Adjustable Hitting Platform has been designed to be recessed into the floor of a studio and can be used in normal level position or to create slopes of up to 10% or combinations of slope such as ball above feet and downhill lie each of 5%. It is controlled manually from a fixed wired control box and takes less than twenty seconds to adjust to a considerable 6% slope. “For players that are at a professional level or those aspiring to become professionals it is imperative that they can train in situations that closely simulate real course situations. Our putting platform surface runs at a stimp of 12 feet and we have a proven record of being able to dramatically improve a players putting performance. To be able to practice with a launch monitor and our adjustable hitting platform provides a glimpse into how high performance training for golf will happen in the future” Officer stated.

The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia where golf lessons are delivered daily and where interested persons can see technologies such as Foresight GC Quad, the SAM Puttlab, K-Vest and the adjustable platforms in action. Seminars featuring the products in use and how they relate to teaching and club fitting are scheduled to be held later in the year and in early 2018.

For further information contact Mark Officer at mark@perfectstroke.org or phone 61 416 078 332