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AdPod's have finally arrived in Australia

The ultimate Local Area Marketing solution

AdPods - The Innovative local area marketing solution

Now you can start sending eco-friendly paperless adverts to over 2000 different makes and models of mobile phone.

AdPod's™ are an extremely versatile local area marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. Perfect for use in static locations such as shop windows, bus shelters and point of sale stands. Not forgetting perfect for driving traffic by being worn by roving promotional staff in the high street or at exhibitions and events. AdPod’s will even broadcast from your car!

Your new Ad-Pod enables you to send all manner of digital content from animated images or videos to redeemable coupons.

Indoor and Outdoor advertising has never been simpler with an Ad-Pod because it can be used indoors to draw attention to products in your store or on the move, enabling you to take your business promotion to large outdoor events such as exhibitions and concerts.

Using Bluetooth proximity mobile marketing, AdPod’s now allows your business to send adverts to mobile phones and electronic devises for free for both the sender and receiver.

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