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Keep Surgical Headlights Sterile in the OR, Choose the Right One from Endovision

Specialised surgical company Endovision is stressing the need for clean, sterile surgical headlights used by surgeons to cut the risk of bacterial contamination. The company has been a leading support to the medical industry with their range of products like Sunoptics Surgical, LED Headlights, High Definition Video Headlights, Xenon Lamps, Pos-T-Vac and other niche products.

In a recent article, Endovision’s sales manager Adam Swan said the right surgical headlight and an adequate cleaning routine by surgical technicians, surgeons and theatre staff is essential to ensure the safety of every patient.

He outlined a few basic steps that are vital to cut the risk of infection in the operating room.  Headlights must be inspected visually before every surgery to check for debris and blood splash. Dry blood and debris left on headlights risks contaminating the sterile field by flaking off during surgery. A simple headlight, preferably light in colour, will be ideal for easy cleaning and quick visual inspection every time. Complex headlight designs render this task more difficult as cleaning is hard. Staff must to check for degrading foam particles from headlights that can fall off during procedures and enter a surgical site. As part of the cleaning regime foam liners should be checked routinely for wear and tear. Changing foam, sweat liners protects surgeons from others perspiration.

Clean equipment is not an option, but crucial when choosing a surgical headlight, said Adam. The headlights must be wiped after every case to ensure safety of the next patient and theatre staff. Disinfection and sterilisation awareness amongst all medical personnel involved in surgeries plays a crucial role in making sure patients are safe.

Endovision’s range of headlights are simple, light weight and comfortable for long surgeries. Their features deliver precision and focus to surgeons who need best illumination and easy to use and keep clean at the same time. They stock ENOVA Cyclops XLT-125, XLT-225 Coaxial LED, MedLED Sapphire LED, MedLED Chrome Series and SSL-8500 PortablePlus LED headlights. The company also stocks ENOVA batteries used on the LED surgical headlights, with long lasting life of up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Endovision is committed to patient safety and quality equipment. They can be contacted on 03 9550 1819 or by email at info@endovision.com.au.

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