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Project Laneways Agile PM Helps Avoid the ‘Frozen Middle’

Project Laneways is an organisation that offers training in Change Management Processes and Methodology. The Certification Courses offered by them include the AgilePM, PRINCE2, Change Management, and Programme Management courses. This month Project Laneways is focusing on AgilePM courses. Agile Project Management has been rapidly taken up across many industries as the preferred approach to managing initiatives. 

Recently Maile Carnegie, ANZ’s digital chief was speaking at the Adobe Symposium at the iconic Sydney Opera House. She shared her views on what it takes to shift a legacy business into the 21st century. She said, “It’s the “frozen middle” of an organisation where people with outdated skillsets rule the roost that leaders must confront if they hope to transform their companies to suit the 21st century customer.”

“Most companies aren’t change fit,” Carnegie continued. “It’s a muscle you need to exercise,” she said. “At Google or Adobe, you’re changing all the time. Your job will be redefined all the time and you’re used to it. But going back into a legacy business, that’s not the case. A lot of that is because change has meant job loss, and there’s fear. People need to be made more comfortable with change.”

Project Laneways training courses are specially tailored for transitioning individuals, teams and organisations, their aim is to enable them to reach a desired future state. It is based on an understanding of the psychological and organisational dynamics at work. Project Laneways teaches the tools of cultural change in their change management courses and provides the participants with the tools of flexibility through their AgilePM courses.

Agile project management provides numerous benefits to organisations, project teams, and products. The key benefits of AgilePM includes better product quality, a proactive approach to quality, embracing technological excellence and incorporating continuous integration. Besides this Agile helps bring in higher customer satisfaction, better team morale, increased collaboration and ownership and customised team structures.

Project Laneways provides project management, leadership and programme management training courses for business professionals throughout Australia. Those interested in knowing more about Project Laneways AgilePM Courses may email enquiries@project-laneways.com.au or call at 03 90389236 for Melbourne and 02 82123978 for Sydney. 

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