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RIHAC has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Brand Awards 2017 for Product Excellence [PXA].

Innovative Products Honoured at the Australian Brand Awards 2017

RIHAC has been recognised as an ABA100 winner in The Australian Brand Awards 2017 for Product Excellence [PXA]. Currently in their inaugural year, The Australian Brand Awards have been established to identify, recognise and reward Australia's most innovative consumer products.

The idea of Rihac Inklink™ was driven by a desire to create an alternative product in a market exclusively controlled by proprietary inkjet printer manufactures.

The Inklink™ is a result of over fifteen years of continuous development, multiple product and innovation patents combined with the highest standards in after-market ink technology.

An innovative solution for inkjet printers that provides a money-saving alternative to expensive disposable cartridges. Unlike disposable cartridges, the Rihac Inklink™ last for years, preventing millions of inkjet cartridges entering landfill, making the product an environmentally sustainable solution for everyone who owns an inkjet printer.

Printing an A4 picture using brand name cartridges can cost you up to $4 a print, whereas the Rihac Inklink™ costs you as little as 4c.

An Inklink ™ is used instead of standard inkjet cartridges. Simply explained Inklink ™  is a self contained unit with its own cartridges fed by tubing from a large ink reservoir which sits beside your printer. The System acts like a giant cartridge by feeding ink into your printer when required through a set of silicone tubes. An Inklink ™ can save you up to 97% on your printing costs. 

About Rihac
Rihac has been paving the way in sustainable print innovation for over 10 years. Now widely regarded as the global leaders in providing affordable home and office printing, we are at the forefront of developing user friendly, environmentally-conscious and cost effective products. 

Rihac’s range of printing consumables encompasses a winning combination of outstanding value and the highest possible quality, and includes a vast selection of products to suit the everyday user through to high-end professional printers. Slashing the costs for everyone who owns an inkjet printer.

Never purchase another inkjet printer cartridge!


Rebecca Cahir, the director of Rihac says: "We are honoured that the Rihac Inklink™ has been selected as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence [PXA] in the Australian Brand Awards 2017. Continuous innovation is a fundamental value in our company and we are inspired to pursue new 'out of the box' solutions for consumers."


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