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Foresight Sports Products in Technology Seminar

BodiTrak Ground Mechanics and SAM Puttlab Certifications and Seminars

Foresight Sports GC launch monitor systems will be featured in an upcoming technology and training seminar to be held on the Gold Coast in October. The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre will host seminars and certifications covering a number of different technologies including the GC Quad, BodiTrak Ground Mechanics Certification and seminar and SAM Puttlab Level One certification. The GC Quad launch monitor and simulator system was launched at the PGA show in Orlando in January 2017 and is rapidly gaining a reputation in the golf industry as one of the best technologies available for players, coaches and club fitters alike. Using high speed cameras the system can not only capture ball information and model precisely the outcome but it can also capture and measure club data providing extremely accurate information on club face angle, impact spot, path, face angle to path, angle of attack and dynamic lie angle among other things. The GC Quad’s ability to capture this information both indoors and outdoors accurately and to be able to precisely model the ball flight has advantages over other competitors in the market place. The camera based system can capture club and ball interaction at the moment of contact thus providing critical information on where the ball is being struck on the face, the clubface angle, angle of attack and path. Foresight Sports Australia representative and technologies seminar host Mark Officer was enthusiastic about what will be presented over the two days. "Attendees will be much better informed about relevant technologies available today as well as what coaches and players will be using in the next few years. Foresight’s GC Quad is an amazing piece of technology that can provide great feedback for not only teaching but also to better enable players to train to play better on course. To be able to practice either indoors or outdoors with the ball that you use in play and to get absolutely accurate information on what the ball would do even if hitting into a projected screen is invaluable. To be able to simulate on course situations including wind direction and speed and sloping lie shots into greens is much more about playing the game". Officer in speaking about sloping lie shots is referring to his company’s electric adjustable platforms technology which can be used in conjunction with the GC Quad. "For any player to be able to gain information about exactly how far the ball is carrying with different clubs is great but when you add things like practicing in different wind conditions and slopes it can make practice interesting and highly valuable in preparing for on course play". Officer stated. "During the seminar we will be presenting information derived from the Quad under normal conditions in teaching and club fitting and there will also be the opportunity to use the launch monitor with BodiTrak’s pressure mapping system. This will include the effects of different slopes on Centre of Pressure traces". Part of the seminar will include Boditrak Sports Ground Mechanics certification. The technology and training seminar will take place on October 25th and will also include looks at Blast Motion capture in short game training, and developing more club head speed through over speed training with SuperSpeed and Orange Whip. The first day of the seminar will be dedicated to putting training and instruction and will include SAM Puttlab Level One Certification with a live video conference with Dr.Christian Marquardt from Science and Motion Sports. Practical use of video analysis in set up and putting stroke will be discussed as well as references and parameters for instruction of all levels of players. There will be live lessons including the use of the Puttlab in straight and breaking putt analysis. The Perfectstroke Golf Training Centre has a dedicated putting studio which includes a SAM Puttlab, camera analysis system and electrically controlled putting platform. The two separate seminars can be attended by PGA and non PGA members who are interested in improving their knowledge about the latest technologies available as well as up to date training and analysis methods. Participants do not need to be Puttlab, Foresight Quad or BodiTrak owners and users. For further information contact info@perfectstroke.golf or go to the PGA Australia website ACE seminar section or follow this link - http://perfectstroke.golf/education-seminars/