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'Daddy Do-Overs' more accepted as non-surgical cosmetic enhancements hit Australia

More men opt for cosmetic procedures to boost their career and love-life

SYDNEY - 12 September 2017 - More men are opting for non-invasive cosmetic treatments to help prolong their careers, enhance their relationships and boost their self confidence, according to Sydney based cosmetic physician Dr Hooi of Cosmetic MD.

Whether it's for the boardroom or for the daily school run, modern men seek to improve their physical appearance with subtle cosmetic enhancements that take little more than a lunch hour to achieve. 

Dr. Herbert Hooi, a leading Sydney-based cosmetic physician, Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine and Director of Cosmetic MD, says that the increased availability of non-surgical cosmetic solutions in Australia has contributed to more men opting for 'daddy do-overs'(1) to enhance their appearance.

"Modern men are under ever increasing pressure to look their best. Many consider anti-ageing treatments  in order to create a more youthful appearance as a way of extending their careers, while others simply want to enhance their look and performance for their partners."

In America, the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by a staggering 325% since 1997(2) and although limited research exists on the trends of cosmetic procedures in Australia, many in the industry consider the behaviours of Australians to liken those of our US counterparts.

"We know that close to 30% of men grow beards to hide fullness under the chin(3) and that over a third of people shy away from photos and video chats because they are self-conscious about their 'double-chin'(3)," said Dr Hooi.

"The advancements of non-surgical procedures have made men more accepting of cosmetic procedures."

"More regularly, men are coming to Cosmetic MD to undergo procedures that women have been  having for years. Improving their skin, having a more youthful look, reducing the grumpy or tired look are all motivations for men who visit our clinic seeking treatments," Dr Hooi explained.

"Downtime from work, sports and family has previously been a factor in men shying away from cosmetic procedures, but with many of these new treatments presenting little to no downtime, this is no longer a concern for our male patients," Dr Hooi  explained.

Dr Hooi says that some of the more popular non-surgical treatments  requested by his male patients  include under chin fat dissolving treatment, anti-wrinkle injections, the P-Shot procedure for increased sexual performance, and Nightlase, the laser remedy for snoring.

"Until recently, the usual treatment for a double chin was surgical liposuction. But now with the  non-invasive under the chin fat dissolving  treatment , a series of quick, comfortable injections effectively reduce fat under the chin."

"Consideration for their partners is also a significant  motivator for many men, so the laser treatment that remedies snoring is often performed to ease the relationship tensions that result from snoring related sleep disruption.  

The P-Shot is another procedure regularly requested by Dr Hooi's patients. This procedure uses  the regenerative properties of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to stimulate healing and rejuvenate penile tissue, which increases sensation and enhances sexual performance.

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Editor's Note: Dr Hooi is available for interview on request.


More about Dr. Hooi and Cosmetic MD: www.cosmeticmd.com.au

The owner and Medical Director of cosmetic MD, Dr Hooi has followed a singular path towards Cosmetic Medicine. With degrees in law, medicine and further specialisation in Emergency Medicine, he has a thorough grounding in all facets of acute medicine.  Dr. Hooi became interested in cosmetic procedures in 1990 and pursues his passion for cosmetic medicine in private practice in Telopea, Sydney. Dr Hooi’s training and experience led to his award as a Foundation Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine in 2009. Dr. Hooi is also recognised as an expert in the revolutionary IncontiLaseTM procedure, offering a non-invasive answer to the significant and debilitating problem of incontinence. Dr Hooi regularly presents workshops on platelet rich plasma (PRP) and has been an invited speaker at a number of domestic (LCMC, Cosmetex, A5M) and international (Biobridge Venice) conferences on aesthetic medicine.



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