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A world-first in worming treatment for sheep launched by Virbac Australia

Virbac Australia is pleased to announce the launch of a technologically advanced product, specially designed to revolutionise sheep worm control. TRIDECTIN™ is the world’s only broad-spectrum combination drench with a registered claim to kill triple-resistant and monepantel-resistant worms.
This new class of combination-drench for sheep offers producers the opportunity to ensure healthier, more productive sheep, and it’s a huge step forward in the fight against worms. The advanced patented formulation combines potent chemistry with the latest technology, providing a reliable, safe and effective solution against all the major worm species especially barber’s pole worm, small brown stomach worm, and black scour worm.
Tridectin’s triple action treatment contains three powerful actives designed to kill worms fast. It’s ideal to use either as a strategic pre-lamb or summer clean-out treatment, or as needed based on worm egg count results. Containing Moxidectin, Levamisole and Albendazole, for a ‘triple-pronged’ approach to worming, its higher kill rate means fewer worms and eggs, as well as less pasture contamination – which reduces the overall requirement for increased drenching and therefore decreases the rate of selection for resistance.
Tridectin delivers a market leading export slaughter interval (ESI) of just 17 days – eleven days shorter than other combination drenches – and is the only oral combination drench that continues to kill susceptible barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days after drenching, delivering a longer period of protection, which helps producers to increase productivity and profit.
With producers gearing up for their first summer drench, Tridectin’s arrival is perfectly timed to assist producers in clearing their stock of worms prior to the hot summer conditions. Worm-infested paddocks not only reduce growth rates, productivity and fertility, but they can even lead to animal death - yet Tridectin helps to minimise the risk over summer, clearing those worms that previous drenches may have left behind and thus reducing pasture contamination.
John Embling, Regional Director of SANZA for Virbac Australia and Board Member of Animal Medicines Australia welcomes Tridectin’s introduction to the market.
“The introduction of safe, more effective ag-vet chemicals can only be a good thing for our farmers, regional communities and environment. They boost farm productivity by eliminating damaging pests and diseases, and that’s crucial to the success of our agricultural and livestock industries.”
Mr Embling goes on to credit the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for its work in getting Tridectin registered.
“Even though they were in the midst of relocating from Canberra to Armidale, the APVMA were very efficient in registering and bringing this newer, better formulation to sheep producers at exactly the time they’ll need to use it. With this latest addition to a farmer’s arsenal, the situation for Australia’s agricultural and animal health industry looks very encouraging indeed.”
Tridectin follows in the footsteps of Virbac’s leading drench Cydectin, offering an innovative approach that builds on Cydectin’s recognition and success over the past 23 years. Set to launch on September 25th, Tridectin’s release will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign encouraging producers to ‘power up’ their next drench. The product will be available at rural merchandising stores across Australia, and producers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to protect their sheep against worm infection like never before.
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