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Teksmobile Starts Operations In South Korea

Teksmobile, a renowned mobile app development company, recently opened two new offices in South Korea - at Seoul and Busan. The Korean Teks team will be led by Eric Jinsu Kang.

Noted mobile app and API evangelist Hussain Fakhruddin’s company - Teksmobile - is surely going places. Within months of completing 11 years of existence, the company opened new offices in South Korea. This expands the presence of the app development company to 4 different countries - Sweden, Australia, India, and now, South Korea.

Last week, new offices of Teksmobile were inaugurated in two major South Korean cities - Seoul and Busan. The Teks team will be headed by Eric Jinsu Kang, and will start to take on both iOS and Android projects from the very outset. The South Korean offices are, incidentally, the 5th and 6th offices of Team Teks - and during a brief exclusive chat, Mr. Fakhruddin exuded quiet confidence about the prospects of the new chapter of his mobile app company over here.

With South Korea emerging as one of the fastest growing smartphone and app markets in the world, opening new branches of Teksmobile over here makes a lot of sense. The company is certain to benefit from the collaboration between Mr. Fakhruddin, a veteran app and API architect, and Mr. Eric, a highly qualified big data and marketing expert. The branches at Busan and Seoul would offer services to clients across 18 time zones, on a 24x7 basis.

While highlighting the immense growth opportunities in South Korean markets in particular, and Asian markets in general, Mr. Fakhruddin also drew attention to the highly competitive nature of these markets. There are already several well-established app development companies in operation, and the challenge for Team Teks would be to gradually move ahead of the competition. For this, the company is relying on its widely lauded standard of operations, quality of service (QoS) and technical expertise. If everything goes according to plan, Teks has the potential of emerging as one of the best mobile app developers in Korea within a year or so - feels the company CEO.

Both Mr. Eric and Mr. Fakhruddin have repeatedly emphasized on the importance of Teksmobile being a driver of new technology (and not merely a ‘follower of technological evolution’), to stay ahead of the game. Teks Korea would closely collaborate with Teksmobile Sveriege and Teks Australia, to deliver optimal quality mobile app and API solutions to clients. Local developers, from both Busan and Seoul, will also be recruited. Apart from making custom apps for the iOS and Android platforms, Teksmobile Korea will also be actively involved in app development for wearables, internet of things (IoT), game development (2D/3D), and other cutting-edge technology.

The strong body of work for the Teksmobile brand would help the South Korean offices get off to a fast start, feels Eric Jinsu Kang. The company has already built more than 1000 mobile applications (~80% of which have been featured at stores) - and has happy clients from over 45 countries. The man clearly loves a challenge or three, and he is more than ready to drive Teksmobile forward in Korea. Describing the opportunity to get in a business collaboration with Mr. Fakhruddin as a ‘privilege’, Mr. Eric expressed high hopes for the success of Teks Korea.

Adopting a ‘client-first’ approach has been a key behind the sustained success of Teksmobile, and the company will look to build on it in the new markets. Senior in-house app developers in Korea highlighted the need for maintaining a transparent standard of operations - in which, the requirements/preferences of the client will be given topmost priority. Free app quotes will be given to users within 24 working hours of contacting the offices with new app ideas. Mr. Eric and Mr. Fakhruddin also revealed plans to make clients an integral part of the overall app development cycle. Good word-of-mouth publicity is something that any new startup or branch heavily relies on - and that’s precisely what the ‘client-centric’ strategies of Teks Korea will be striving to build.

Given the track-record of Teksmobile over the last decade, it can be reasonably expected that the Korean chapter of the company would also be hugely successful. The combination of Mr. Fakhruddin’s expertise and experience, and Mr. Eric’s skills and in-depth market knowledge would help Teks Korea greatly - together with the availability of top-class mobile app developers, graphic designers, animators, and other technical/marketing teams. Making a mark in the South Korean markets is something the entire Teks team is looking forward to.

To know more about Teks Korea and Teksmobile, visit http://teksmobile.kr/ and http://www.teks.co.in/. If you have any queries, call 91-33-40649087 and/or drop in emails to info@teks.co.in. Teksmobile already has a very strong presence in Asia, and the launch of Teks Korea is set to take things to the next level.