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Platinum What

Complimentary Airly JetShare membership for Platinums

"I'm Platinum."

"Platinum what?

Every airline has their status tiers, with incremental benefits such as better lounges, expedited boarding, and supposedly better coffee.  But, all 150+ passengers still fly on the same aircraft.  That same aircraft can’t depart any quicker just because the Platinums boarded first.  And that same aircraft has to taxi and line up behind other departing aircraft, regardless of the statuses on board.  

Today, Airly launches Platinum What: complimentary membership to JetShare for all Platinum-level travellers, with any airline.  

Airly democratises private jet travel, by making the experience accessible, transparent, and easy. JetShare is the technology app that enables this.

With airlines continually eroding the value of frequent flyer programs, and treating their most loyal and valuable customers with diminishing appreciation, Airly is responding.

Every Platinum-level frequent flyer, with any airline, will receive complimentary JetShare by Airly membership for a year.  This allows members to book and travel on empty leg private jet flights, at prices close to business class.  Importantly, Airly checks in with each and every member and traveller before, during, and after their travel experience, to ensure they are cared for and looked after.

Founded by two regular travellers who believed there must be a better way to fly, Luke and Alexander envisage a future where air travel is more efficient, enjoyable, and easy.  Private jet travel enables this future, and JetShare by Airly delivers it.