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Ex-Soldier and Police Officer speaks loudly about a SOLUTION to the PTSD epidemic

‘I’ve been there, I’ve faced the shit storm, and I know what it takes to get out of it,’ comments author and coach Dion Jensen. For over 20 years Jensen has been exposed to Trauma, through the military, police and close protection worlds. As a family man who suffered first-hand the after-effects of dealing with trauma, and showing signs and symptoms of PTSD that negatively affected his family, Jensen hit rock bottom and remarkably fell back on his training to see himself back in the fight; possibly the biggest fight ever as he embarks on a life-long mission to save the lives of war veterans and returned serviceman along with emergency services personnel who, with their families, are facing a devastating outcome due to PTSD. 

‘Enough with the awareness campaigns!!! Where are the solution-focused stories!’ comments Jensen.  Someone had to take a stand and Dion Jensen was not going to sit idle and wait for a miracle, so he stepped up. ‘PTSD is NOT a disorder and it can be beaten. I have a solution,’ he says, ‘Not only that, when you beat it, you have skills and experience that are in high demand that you can use to serve our community.’ 

Jensen has written and published the world’s first good news book about PTSD and it’s literally saving lives. His solution is saving lives because it has been designed and written by someone that has been through it and written it in a sufferer’s language. Even psychologists and clinicians are using it now. Simply messages through text or social media stating ‘your book saved my life’, ‘how come they didn’t teach us this?’ are a regular occurrence for Jensen as his audiobook release skyrocketed in the Amazon rankings within 48hours of release. ‘It’s bittersweet,’ he comments on the popularity of his audiobook release, ‘It’s wonderful it is had such quick success, but it also highlights how large this issue is when a product like this is in such high demand.’ With downloads from all around the world, Jensen feels confident lives are now being saved AND rebuilt when the chances of suicide and other self-destructive behaviours seemed like a veteran’s only option.


Jensen has supported the release of The Good News About PTSD by designing ‘The VICTORY program’, specifically targeted towards soldiers who find themselves with PTSD and no credible solution out of the ‘shit storm’. ‘I want to make the concept available through as many mediums as possible. The more options people have, the higher the likelihood the re-training can reach those in need,’ states Jensen. Not only standing up and providing his own solution, Jensen is spear-heading a collective of fellow mental health warriors, creating the first PTSD SOLUTIONS SYMPOSIUM, becoming the first facilitator of a SOLUTIONS based approach to winning this war, instead of the incessant research and merry-go-round discussion approach preferred by those very organizations that are failing the people they have a duty of care to protect. 

Dion Jensen flies in from Singapore on the 28th of September as a key guest speaker at the Gold Coast Showcase; Celebrating Business and Creativity about this very issue and the ‘monsters under our bed’. This event organised by the Gold Coast Central Chamber features key members of the creative community such as Award Winning publisher and Gold Coast Writers’ Association President Ocean Reeve, groundbreaking author of From Bullied to Brilliant Karen Clarke, Pencils Community CEO and Humanitarian Cindy Rochstein along with prominent representatives from the business community such as NewBook founder Bradley Illich, Magic Memories Founder Stuart Norris, freelancer and tourism guru Nikki Dudley and the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, Former Prime Minister.

Event: Gold Coast Showcase; Celebrating Business and Creativity

Location: Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort and Spa

Date: 10am – 4.30pm Thursday 28th September 2017 

Web: http://www.goldcoastcentralchamber.com.au/2017-gc-showcase.html