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"Wining and dining" taken to the next level with restaurateur and winemaker collaboration

The popularity of restaurateur and winemaker collaborations are on the rise, with some of the Gold Coast's best restaurants embracing the concept.

Nero Dining at Broadbeach Waters is one such establishment, already having hosted two exclusive winemaker dinners during 2016, and now having just announced their first wine dinner of the year in collaboration with Smidge Wines on the 19th of October.

The introduction by Shane Porter of Global Food and Wine of Nero Dining owners Jayden and Andrew Barker to Smidge Wines, initiated the collaboration.

Smidge Wines, founded in 2002 by one of Australia’s most exciting winemaking talents, Matt Wenk, has curated unique, world-class wines from vineyards across Australia.

“We like the fact that Smidge is an emerging label, so you don’t see it at every restaurant. This makes the dinner special because many of our guests will be trying these wines for the first time,” said Andrew.

“These collaborations allow us to expose amazing world-class quality winemakers matched with Jayden’s amazing creations. This perfect match is just another dimension to the Nero experience.”

And the feeling is very much reciprocated, with talented winemaker Matt Wenk flying up from McLaren Vale, South Australia to participate in the event.

“Nero's reputation is incredible, Jayden and Andrew are well ahead of the pack,” said Matt.

“Their modern, dynamic menu, relaxed dining experience and food quality is second-to-none. It is a great privilege being able to showcase some of the Smidge offerings alongside a carefully-matched menu.

“I have always thought, and will always think, that these collaborations are a great idea. Boutique wineries often have eclectic portfolios, and at these events they can showcase not only their predominant products, but also as boutique wineries, we have a barrel of this or a barrel of that we have bottled.

“Not only do these dinners give the attendees a unique experience from a wine perspective, the chef also gets a chance to really think outside the square - a chance for them to get a little crazy! Not only do the attendees get an organoleptic workout, they also get to hear the stories from the horse's mouth.”

Nero Dining is careful to restrict the number of guests to give everyone the opportunity to meet the winemaker and chef.

“Being small boutique wineries, the person out the front is the owner, winemaker, chief label stickerer, and along with the chef, the anecdotes are first-hand and real,” said Matt.

“These collaborations are a great way to showcase great food and wine to consumers while they learn a thing or two.”

Since opening in 2016, Nero has hosted well-received wine dinners with boutique winemakers Hart and Hunter and natural brewers Young Henry’s.

The Barker father-and-son restaurateurs believe the Gold Coast continues to mature as a wine-drinking market as customers are open to trying new things more often.

“We love that our guests put trust in us to select their food and wines when they dine with us, and try things they would never have tried before,” said Jayden.

Both Andrew and Jayden Barker love the diversity, complexity and mystery of wine, and find it both fascinating and interesting to learn about.

“We know our wines, which is what our guests love, but we both work weekly to continue our general knowledge about wines. We seek out unique wines to try. We suppose it is a little like any hobby that enthrals someone. We have just made it our business,” said Jayden.

If you can’t make Nero’s upcoming wine dinner, the restaurant hosts a BYO “Show us your best wines” night every Thursday evening for guests to enjoy on a weekly basis.

With some of Australia’s finest wines lined up, Nero Dining is hoping to host another dinner by the end of the year, and release a strong series for 2018.

“We’ve got a bit on the go and are mindful of not “over-promising”. We are going to release our “Sunday Long Lunches” very soon which will have a wine “feature region” each Sunday from November,” said Andrew.

For more details, visit http://www.NeroDining.com.au or phone (07) 5526 7364.


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