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4WD Catch Cans and Engine Breathers – AXT Turbo talk

One of the most common engine modifications done today is the fitment of a engine oil catch-can.

This is done for a number of reasons, the most common being to reduce the engine oil fuming.

The reduction in fuming is caused by allowing the PCV system to cool the engine crankcase air to a level, where the oil condensate is captured in a remote canister. In most vehicles, this condensate cools in the intake air charge and is burnt in the combustion process.

As an engine ages, excess condensate is created, resulting in oil contamination of the intake system, as too much oil is being forced through the system.

x11-pages-iconThe catch can allows this excessive condensate a place to accumulate, reducing the intake contamination, and resulting in a much cleaner aesthetic appearance.
Unfortunately, there are few instructions from manufacturers on fitting catch-cans, and next to no factory support for fitment of these devices.

The purpose of the PCV system is to allow for the air movement and displacement created by the movement of the...[read more]