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Are You on Track? Project Laneways’ Courses Have Change Agents Covered

For business professionals managing change internally or externally Project Laneways’ new qualification will cover the role and value of change agents. Dan Skelsey, their lead Change Management Trainer, is at the centre of developing a new qualification for change agents with APMG. He is in the process of co-authoring new texts for study following extensive research. This new qualification is being trialled with the Welsh Government and a private UK client in September, The new Project Laneways course outlines the theory behind Change Management Methodology with special emphasis on the role and value of change agents.

For a change agent this course will focus on building confidence and authority to ensure goals and targets are achieved. To be effective, communication and making people accountable with appropriate rewards is crucial to share goals and convey the vision of the organisation. It is not just enough to have long credentials but sharing this expertise to point people in the right direction. The interactive course will help change agents to manage and coordinate the activities of different role players within the organisation.

To be an effective catalyst of change professionals looking at transformation will need to be patient, ask tough questions, be able to communicate a clear vision to the staff while engaging and building a strong relationship with them. The course will suit senior managers, external consultants, project support staff and the change management resource team. Dan was one of four authors who developed the The effective change manager / The Change Management Body of Knowledge. He is both an experienced project manager and trainer, having taught approximately two hundred PRINCE2 courses.

Project Laneways has been delivering globally accredited Change Management and Project training to Australian organisations and professionals. At their centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth business professionals can learn the theory and practice of change management and get fully accredited by APMG.

To know more about change management courses in Sydney and Melbourne call 1300 778 389 or email enquiries@project-laneways.com.au.

For more information: https://www.project-laneways.com.au/certification-courses/change-management