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Small Business Matters Party in bid to contest NSW 2019 election

Small business advocate, campaigner and Independent City of Sydney Councillor Angela Vithoulkas is establishing a new small business party to ensure that small businesses have representation at a state government level.  Vithoulkas is calling on small business owner’s right across NSW to join the party that will seek NSW Legislative Council seats at the next election.


“I have already had a lot of interest from small business owners who are keen to ensure that their voice is heard at a State Government level and that they have true representation because it’s pretty clear that Government at all levels doesn’t get small business. 


“Major parties are out of touch with the realities of running a small business on the ground and while they like to pay lip service by trotting out the well-worn line that ‘small business is the engine room of the economy’, their words are hollow”, Vithoulkas said.


The NSW Government has recently stated that 98% percent of businesses in New South Wales are classified as small businesses and over 50% of them are employing businesses.


“There are many issues that need more focus from Government and the devastating impact of light rail construction is a classic example of what can happen when that impact isn’t considered as part of the planning process.”


“It is only by having a small business representative involved in the legislative process that pro-active steps can be taken to address the negative impacts of Government decision making.


“I have owned and operated many small businesses for the past 30 years. I am calling on small business owners throughout NSW to come forward and support the Small Business Matters Party so that we finally have a ‘common sense’ voice at a State Government level”, Angela Vithoulkas said.