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carbonTRACK has announced an exclusive partnership with U.S. company naak

Aussie tech start up set to empower homes and businesses in the States

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - October 2017


The partnership was announced at the recent Solar Power International (SPI) Convention in Las Vegas. This is good news for the USA energy sector, which has been unsuccessful in managing solar assets and reliably accessing simple production data. Utilising carbonTRACK technology, naak’s Smart Hub will do much more than monitor solar. It will control energy consuming devices and ready the U.S. market for the emergence of energy storage and demand response programs as markets turn to Time-of-Use rate plans.


“The reaction since the announcement at the show has been exceptional and we are very excited to bring this 4G cellular, IoT enhanced solution to the U.S. market… It addresses one of the industry's most serious and costly challenges, access to reliable and real time behind the meter data." Adam Boucher, CEO, naak, Inc.


The carbonTRACK-naak partnership will offer unprecedented intelligent home energy management across America, and provides great export opportunities for Australian businesses.


carbonTRACK co-founder & Managing Director Spiros Livadaras says “this is a phenomenal opportunity for an emerging Aussie tech company. The combination of the extensive support from AusIndustry and Commercialisation Australia and the influence of our local electricity market, that is 10 years ahead of that in the U.S., has positioned carbonTRACK to provide a very real and timely solution for U.S. business and home owners. We are committed to working closely with our naak partners and are excited to begin exporting to the USA!”


About carbonTRACK

carbonTRACK’s patented Internet of Things (IoT) platform connects the supply- side & the demand- side of the energy grid and provides granular “behind the meter” data with the benefit of home automation.

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) it also adds value to the PV Solar sector. carbonTRACK’s remote control functions go beyond just monitoring consumption, generation & storage. It supports both grid integration and distributed generation (for self-consumption or export limitation). In self-consumption PV Solar markets, carbonTRACK’s automated optimization, including control of loads and storage, is a key differentiator.

carbonTRACK’s technology is being installed across Africa, recently into New Zealand and now the USA. The Aussie tech company is now leading the charge in giving consumers access to IoT and energy management technology that aims to solve the inefficiencies in electricity production and distribution around the world.

It recently received the Silver Award for Energy Efficiency in the 2017 Eco Logic Awards; carbonTRACK contributes to combating climate change and improves energy efficiency.



About naak

naak offers an end-to-end energy management, control, and automation platform for everything connected in a home or business. It helps energy solution providers stay ahead of the rapidly changing market in order to outperform their competition.

Naak’s Smart Hub monitors household appliances and building equipment, functioning as a brain controlling and optimizing integrated energy and storage devices.

naak is head quartered in Southern California, operates exclusively through a B2B channel partner network and works with businesses to enhance customer engagement with their electricity in a rapidly changing energy landscape.