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A question becomes a movement in new campaign by DDI

When you’re the category leader, famous for democratising laser, skin and injectables treatments, it is inevitable that you’ll be copied.  The time was right for Laser Clinics Australia to reframe the category once again with a more emotional stance starting with its most loyal supporters – everyday Aussies. 


The company’s brand agency DDI, working in collaboration with Fusion Learning on a rigorous re-interrogation of the brand strategy, stumbled on an important truth:  there exists in society a double standard, one that the brand believes should be outed.


Says DDI Managing Director Caroline McLaughlin: “We live in a world where looking good 100% counts in your favour, and yet there’s still so much judgement from others attached to that. We wanted to acknowledge that stigma and embrace that we all have the choice to look the way we choose.”


Chris D’Arbon, DDI’s Creative Director adds: “The English language actually doesn’t have a word for the description of all those little things that make you quintessentially, you. We know this is different for everyone, and that it shifts over time. A big part of this campaign is about giving people a word to capture who they are without apology.”








This led to the posing of a question by the brand designed to prompt people to consider what it is that makes them…..well, them.  “What’s your youness?” was born as the starting point for a conversation to have with ourselves.


Nicole West, Laser Clinics Australia Head of Marketing adds: “What makes this new campaign exciting is that it is so much more than just an advertising construct, it’s something our brand can own with pride and apply across our 89 clinics nationally. We are all different, we all have our own ideals of beauty and we all have different things that make us happy – and that is our ‘youness’.  Our role as a brand is to support and empower people on their individual journey, and our entire business can unite behind this philosophy.”


Mediahub was onboarded to develop the media plan and strategy to launch ‘Youness’ for Laser Clinics Australia’s first major media launch. Running nationally from October 19th, Mediahubs plan includes cinema, online, social, magazines, outdoor channels and a bespoke campaign filter on snapchat, and dynamic re-targeting.  


Says McLaughlin: “It’s sassy, bold and big. We unashamedly want to reframe the conversation by championing a movement that is empowering and liberating for anyone who chooses to optimise their looks.”









Client: Nicole West, Head of Marketing (Laser Clinics Australia)

            Lydia Murdoch, Marketing Manager (Laser Clinics Australia)

Strategy:  Fusion Learning / DDI (Angie French)

Creative Director:  Chris D’Arbon (DDI) and Yannick Labbe (Grabarz&Partner)

Creative Team:  Sarah Bayley, Jenny Liu, Annika Johansson (DDI)

Production:  Tillie Stephen, Sophia Palmer (DDI)

Account Management: Mel Arasakamur (DDI)

Photography: Cybele Malinowski (Network Agency)

Director:  Brecon Littleford (KinThings)

Media: Mediahub 303 Mullen Lowe

Production:  KinThings & Network Agency