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Author Rhonda Valentine Dixon celebrates the vibrancy of seniors in fresh new children’s

‘Inspiring! That is the first word that comes to mind when you meet Great-Grandma Elské,’ comments author Rhonda Valentine Dixon as she talks about her first children’s book Great-Grandma Elské’s Bamboo Cane. Dixon and Elské share a common hobby, they both practice Tai Chi regularly, the one difference is Elské is 95 years young.

‘I have always been a writer, since childhood,’ continues Dixon, ‘It is one of the most satisfying creative things I do.’ Dixon has an Honours Degree in Literary Studies and is currently studying an Associate Degree in Arts (Family History) through the University of Tasmania as she researches her family tree in preparation for a potential genealogy book. Dixon has also co-authored the highly successful How to Stop Your Words from Bumping into Someone Else’s with Anna Tullemans. This book provides social stories to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to cope in everyday life. It has been enthusiastically received by parents and educators.

But it is in the publishing of a children’s book celebrating seniors accomplishments that Dixon has found her current focus. Illustrated by Sunshine Coast Illustrator and published author, Richard Marman, Dixon has bought together an easy-to-read fun story based on the true events of Great-Grandma Elské and her actual bamboo cane. ‘I would like to think that children would read the book and see the vibrancy and fun within the older generation,’ comments Dixon, ‘There is a lot of misconceptions about the elderly and it is people like Elské that blow them out of the water.’

When you take just a brief look at Great-Grandma Elské’s life, you can easily see what captivated Dixon to write a story on her. ‘She was a committee member of both the boys and girls Brisbane Grammar Schools and for over 45 years she would document the annual get together of the ladies with whom she worked in the school tuck shop,’ recounts Dixon, ‘This historical document was recently presented to the school for its archives.’ Since childhood, Elské has been an avid pianist and artist with her paintings gracing the halls of the Queensland Art Gallery.

Rhonda is available for interviews.

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