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ACS Releases New Course- Child Counselling

Counselling and Psychology Courses by ACS Distance Education

ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 100 hour course- Child Counselling.

The Child Counselling course will help you to learn to be more sensitive to the needs of children, and more capable of interacting in a positive way with children during counselling.

In order to counsel children effectively, a therapist needs to understand the types of problems that can affect children and how they might have evolved.

Like disorders of adulthood, childhood disorders can, and usually do, have more than one cause. Also, like adults, these causes may be of genetic or environmental origin. With children though, we must also consider developmental causes since childhood is a time when children are continually developing: intellectually, socially, emotionally and, of course, physically.

This course covers 9 lessons:

1/ Introduction to Types & Causes of Childhood Problems
2/ Assessment of Childhood Problems (including ethical/legal considerations)
3/ Counselling for Internalising Problems & Disorders I: Anxiety
4/ Counselling for Internalising Problems & Disorders II: Depression
5/ Counselling for Externalising Problems & Disorders III: Eating Disorders
6/ Counselling for Externalising Problems & Disorders IV: Conduct Disorders
7/ Counselling for Other Problems & Disorders
8/ Other Counselling Approaches
9/ Problem based learning

Upon completion of this course, you would be awarded a Statement of Attainment from ACS Distance Education, or you could add it to a module in one of our qualifications, a Certificate, Diploma or Associate Diploma.

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