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Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2004

Australia has been ranked highly compared to other offshoring destinations but we still remain relatively unknown for our skills and capabilities. Tomorrow at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Craig Baty, Group VP, Gartner will examine the Global Sourcing Scenario and compare the major countries as potential offshoring destinations.
Mr Baty will examine Australia's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in terms of its desirability as an offshore market and will unveil Australia's ranking in comparison with some of the major offshoring destinations.
"Australia is not making enough noise about our capabilities. Government agencies such as Invest Australia have been doing a good job in the financial services space, but it is not enough. Australia is a "good/low risk" option as an offshoring destination and well positioned to increase its share of the offshoring pie. But we're just not selling ourselves - we need a holistic approach" says Baty. "It's a little known fact that Australia exports more IT services (that is, Australia is a destination for offshore work from other countries) than it imports (that is, buys work from offshore services) making us quite unique on a global basis. It is quite hypocritical for some elements in Australia to be treating offshoring in such a negative and ill-informed manner. The whole offshoring phenomena benefits the country as a whole."
Craig Baty will present tomorrow Thursday November 18 at 10am on: The Global Sourcing Scenario: Opportunities and Challenges in the Next Five Years.
Gartner Symposium/ITxpo continues until 19 November. Other Thursday session highlights include:
Pocket Power - Mobile Device Update: As mobile devices pervade our lives, organisations must have a clear understanding of which devices will best fit the needs of businesses and consumers. What's in store for the next-generation of mobile products and how should you supply them to users? Which form factors will win? Which features and wireless capability will future devices offer? Which operating systems will they run? Which are the primary applications that users will demand?
Solving the Information Management Puzzle in Government: Governments in all Australian jurisdictions struggle to manage their information. Agencies deal with more complexity than ever before. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the models and options available to better manage information that are suitable for government, and learn about world-leading practices and advice for implementation.
Server Consolidation and Virtualisation: Hype has shrouded server consolidation for more than a decade, encouraging organisations to turn to consolidation as a tactical cost-cutting strategy. Today, the advent of user-managed virtualisation tools takes the art of consolidation to a new level. Does it work and is it a long-term strategy?
Mobile & Wireless Business and Technology Scenario: High level overview of mobile business and technology through 2009 - a world-view of the technology trends, commercial trends and social impact of mobility in the 'always-on society'. The economic and usability barriers of mobile services will be discussed while examining some of the key risks that mobile vendors and users will face in a future of accelerated technological and business change.
Emerging Trends and Technologies Scenario: Technology Radar Screen: This session examines the evolution of IT over the next decade with a focus on disruptive and high-impact technologies that will transform the capabilities and role of IT.
You can still register for Gartner Symposium/ITxpo (free admission) by contacting Jo Lobban at 02 9459-4692, or by e-mail at Joanna.Lobban@gartner.com.
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In Sydney, an integral part of the Gartner Symposium is the ITxpo showfloor, where more than 55 technology companies will showcase their latest technology solutions and delegates can attend company presentations and case studies from key IT software and hardware vendors and suppliers.
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