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The new brow and lash haven.

It’s all about eyes at Elise Louise, your new brow and lash haven in Essendon, Victoria.

For too long the humble brow has suffered according to the whims of fashion. Just
ask cosmetic tattooing specialist Elise of Elise Louise, an expert in brows: “I don’t
like trends. I like to style brows to suit the person, not based on what’s trendy right
now.” This reverence for classic style is evident on entering her studio—a bright,
inviting, chandeliered space watched over by a canvas of none other than Audrey

Here, Elise has created a haven for brow enthusiasts. Her techniques—ombré and
powder cosmetic tattooing—remain in place for up to 3 years, so the daily struggle
to achieve the perfect shape is over. It’s also suitable for all skin types, unlike other
brow techniques which can have poor results on oily skin. In short, you really can
‘wake up like this’ and face the day having had that extra bit of beauty sleep.

Sold on the convenience, but worried about the pain, permanence or price? Fear
not, Elise allows 3 hours for your brow appointment, with a big portion of that
dedicated to getting your brow shape just so. Being a tattoo, there’s some minor
discomfort involved in the procedure, but numbing cream keeps the ouch at bay.
And you can brow now, pay later so having a fabulously defined face won’t hurt
your wallet.

If brows aren’t your thing (or even if they are!) there’s lash love on offer here too.
Get a lash lift, a 2 step process which curls back and tints lashes, with added keratin
for strength. You’ll take home a nourishing product, similar to a clear mascara, to
keep lashes conditioned and looking fab for up to 8 weeks.

So get those peepers popping, and revel in your new-found freedom from
lengthy beauty routines. Elise is ready to receive you in her studio from Tuesdays
to Saturdays, and offers half price services for alopecia sufferers. Book online at

Elise Louise
1105 Mt Alexander Rd Essendon (inside EHS Salon)
facebook @eliselouisemelbourne
instagram @eliselouisemelbourne