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3P Learning responds to Australia’s “significant decline” in mathematics

3P Learning responds to the reasons for Australia’s “significant decline” in mathematics, as revealed by UNSW Paper
Media Release - 7 December 2017
In response to the release of a research paper published in the International Journal of Education Development by University of New South Wales, 3P Learning – a global leader in education technology and the creators of Mathletics – have commented on Australia’s ‘significant decline’ in mathematics, according to the most recent PISA results and the changing world of learning as we approach 2018.
Allan Dougan, Global Head of Mathematics at 3P Learning says, “As a passionate advocate for mathematics education, it is disheartening to see ‘significant decline’ in the OECD’s PISA results, particularly in the area of mathematics. The release of the paper from UNSW exploring the ‘unsolved mystery’ of worsening test scores proffers a number of reasons for this decline.”
“Learning Mathematics and becoming a competent user of the subject is a critical skill if young people are to become successful contributors in the world of tomorrow. Whilst the subject itself hasn’t changed over the years, the advent of technology – particularly mobile technology – has changed the way in which we interact with mathematics on a day-to-day basis.”
“As such, the approach to teaching, learning, consolidating and using mathematics must also change.”
The Mathletics program is unique in the fact that it has specifically been designed to involve and accommodate the three essential partners in learning: the student, teacher and parent or carer. Today, close to 4 million children across the globe learn with Mathletics.

“At Mathletics, we believe that an engaging, but rigorous and relevant, approach to skill development and understanding of mathematics is vital. Our approach builds basic skills and allows students to collaboratively approach more challenging and demanding problems. In doing so, we are partnering with teachers, schools and parents to help the young people of today become effective citizens of tomorrow,” said Allan.
About 3P Learning:
3P Learning is a global online education provider, focusing on mathematics and literacy. Their global team of passionate education and technology gurus are trusted by over 5.5 million students in over 17,000 schools across the world. 3P Learning’s resources are designed by educators and educational technologists – in partnership with schools and families. 3P Learning’s flagship product Mathletics, has been recognized with BETT Awards in the categories of Best Whole Course Curriculum Content and Best International Digital Resource.