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New Smart Chip Tech Set To Revolutionise

Australia hang onto your seats, there’s a new Tech team in town, and they are making waves and saving lives. Their catch cry is “How can we be of service?” and it’s proving to be popular with enterprise large and small.

The Aussie startup, BERT  (Business Enterprise Risk Technology) founded by Martin Stow and Mike Wood is creating quite a stir with their fresh approach to delivering customised safety and risk tech solutions to businesses.

A dedicated police officer for many years and a highly esteemed Rotary member Martin Stow is a renowned keynote speaker, and businessman with a background etched in helping others that is nothing short of noble. He has implemented risk solutions for businesses around Australia for 30 years. Partnered with Mike Wood, engineer, entrepreneur and algorithm expert and founder of highly successful solutions company Latus- the pair makes a formidable team. Latus’ key delivery is based on being an international advisory to Governments on logistics risk issues that impede national productivity. The combined platforms have seen the pair quickly become thought leaders in solutions.

"The progression into helping small and large business enterprise was an easy one," says Martin. Businesses all over Australia need to implement reporting on safety and risk management. It is time consuming and resource heavy. Digitalising this with smart-chip technology that is customised specifically to the client is the answer.”

“So many tech companies are about making a million dollars, being the biggest, the best. A money-making scheme of sorts. Who can come up with the latest trick in the tech circus? Not us. Saving lives is a serious business, and the resources we have available to us have meant we can be pliant, nimble and yet steadfast and reliable.”

“In this digital era, it is fascinating as products emerge. However, so much of the solutions market is flooded with APPS. Apps have a tendency to be tampered with and fail. Often a one size fits all model. Our customisation and user-friendly model is made for each business individually. The user can simply access a system, take seconds to train a user, seconds to install, and no additional hardware and the cost is lower than what’s on the market, and it's tamper proof” says Mike.

Setting up your data within in a system is still too time-consuming for many businesses and creates a “have to” mentality. Or the solutions on offer may be lacking features that are needed specifically for that organization. So many companies are unique even within the scope of their industry, so it’s essential that all elements are covered. Safety at work is vital, and the digital space is ripe for implementation. Recent studies have shown that businesses in Australia are not embracing digital solutions as much as they could be, why? Usability and customisation. Something BERTS has bridged.

“Mass selling of a one size fits all safety product doesn’t provide the same level of service a customised service does,” says Mike.  “People need the time and resources- and it’s evident from our research out on the field talking to farmers, primary producers, government specialists and  NFP’s- they don't. If I am an owner operator truck driver, I have been on the road for hours; I have a million things to do and think about, am I going to feel like downloading an app, swiping, fixing, altering and filling in spaces to create a solution? No way. I want to ring up a person who provides me with a quick solution, all done ready to go with one tap. For exactly what I need and if someone is going to offer that for less than the generic stuff in the current market? Our smart-chip safety solution is a no-brainer.”

For more information about BERT go to https://berts.world or call 1300 237 879