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Accounts4U Launches Cloud Based Bookkeeping Service

Accounts4U has begun to offer cloud-based bookkeeping services using Xero. Traditionally, bookkeeping software has been installed on users’ local computers. However Xero is fully cloud-based, meaning Accounts4U can now do their clients’ books remotely.

Account4U’s founder Mark Cunningham said “Over the last few years more and more services have moved to the cloud. Think email, music and video streaming services. It was only a matter of time before accountant software did the same. Xero are pioneers in offering bookkeeping software on the cloud. We are proud to offer our clients a completely cloud-based service using Xero. One day, everyone will do it - just like email.”

The Brisbane Bookkeeping firm believes Xero is a leader in its field which will continue to develop efficiency gains through automation and machine learning.

“Xero is still pretty new to the market so they have a lot of developing to do. But over time it will catch up to and surpass its competitors. In the meantime it is the premier cloud accounting program, so that’s a huge benefit and a good reason to jump on board” said Mark.

For more information about cloud based bookkeeping services contact Accounts4U at hello@accounts4u.com.au or visit their website at Accounts4U.com.au