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Cartoon Music Videos Creating a Stink

Stinky Ninja's music videos fun and full of real music

Children's music is really taking off thanks to Stinky Ninja's album Musical Style Adventures. Twelve songs covering the evolution of modern music from fully acoustic Folk music through to fully electronic Hip-Hop. Each song features a skilled vocalist and is accompanied by award winning musicians. Children can learn more about music on Stinky Ninja's website www.stinkyninja.com  which contains information about each song and each artist. 

For each of the twelve songs Stinky Ninja is releasing an animated cartoon which can be viewed on YouTube  or via the Stinky Ninja website. Kids can engage with music in such a fun way and closed captions allow everyone to sing along to the words. Songs include:
- Princess and the Prawn a Folk song with vocals by Mark Holden
- Oh Windy Day a Country song with vocals by Dennis Wallace
- Piper Sally a Jazz song with vocals by Toni Randle
- Stinking Beauty an R&B song with vocals by Sally Ford
- Tres Amigos Stinky a Latin song with vocals by Mireya Ramos
- Stinky Duck Blues a Blues song with vocals by Pat Powell
- Funky Emu a Funk song with vocals by Jerson Trinidad
- Jack in Giantland a Disco song with vocals by Lisa Maxwell
- Little Red a Rock song with vocals by Cisca
- Lori Lorikeet an 80's Synth Pop song with vocals by Beata
- Don't Cry Stinky a Reggae song with vocals by Cheyenne
- Stinky Locks a Hip-Hop song with vocals by Mighty Ash