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New Song Celebrates Tonga's People and Environment

Music single release: Tonga, the Friendly Isles

Recently a visitor to Tonga penned and recorded a song called "Tonga, The Friendly Isles (Tongan Hula)" in tribute to their visit to Tonga.  Just like Captain Cook, it calls Tonga the Friendly Isles, but musical artist Lou Davids adds that Tonga is also "a lovely place I like to go".

The song paints a colourful picture of Tonga's environment with statements like "every beach and place I go, the people make me smile" and "it's a paradise where maidens dance, of islands green and blue".

The song reminds you that "tropic paradises are so few" which implies that Tonga's unique culture, heritage and environment should be preserved and celebrated.  The music has a cross-over Pop/Hula beat and flows like Tonga’s unique dance the Tau’olunga: a solo female dance.

The "Friendly Isles" solo track can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon Music or heard for free on Spotify.  Lou Davids has a web page at https://tonganhula.wordpress.com
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