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Kiwi cash for cars establishes a new branch in Christchurch

Christchurch residents looking to get more cash for their old car.

Kiwi cash for cars, a well know car buyer company announced today about their new branch in Christchurch, Unwanted car owners are lines up to sell their vehicle. The company has been in the car buying industry for many years and establishes a branch at 68 Hamilton avenue, Christchurch 8041, With a hope to buy cars from car owners that are stuck with old car for a long time. Often neighbours complaint about abandoned vehicles taking up their parking space. Unfortunately, the process time taken by the local council may be over a month, but the new rising car removals company is promised to get rid of abandoned vehicles and perhaps pay some cash for it. Let’s check out main service offered by the company (sources service page of website) is car removals, cash for cars, car wrecker, scrap car pick up, cash for old cars, cash for used cars and much more. The company is willing to purchase of vehicles of any make, model, age, condition and location of pick up.

Their website has a form placed where anyone who wishes to get rid of their car can complete and get a quote instantly. It’ll ask about the cars make, model, address pick up and comment section. We tried for an abandoned car that was left on our parking lot by an ex-employee and got a quote instantly. We got offer $566 for a Toyota Hilux 1993 which is amazing right? But sometime issues can arise such as owner coming back after few days and demanding the vehicle.

Kiwi cash for cars just by it name you clearly find out that the company offers cash for vehicles. The company services throughout Christchurch region with exceptional unwanted car removal service. You can also find parts for your car as the company provides wrecking service as well.

According to their website the company provides cash for cars any make or model Christchurch wide.  

You can proudly say that you’ve sold your car to Kiwi cash for cars Christchurch

For more info simply call us: 021 837 591