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Big Wet Spring Water and Filtration Systems Celebrates 23 Years in Business

Healthy drinking water company Big Wet has celebrated another anniversary last month. In December they celebrated 23 years of being in business. In a statement on their Facebook site the company said: “A huge thank you to our team and all our customers who have made this possible. We love what we do and look forward to doing it for many years to come.

“To say we're proud of this is an understatement. Being around for 23 years is a huge achievement. And we're not just surviving, we're thriving! We continue to grow and service more and more businesses and homes.”

Big Wet Water has been delivering healthy water solutions to Australians for over two decades. The positive effect drinking water has on a person’s health, well-being, alertness and productivity is well documented, making a spring water cooler or filtration system a great addition to any home or business. Big Wet’s spring water is drawn from a granite spring located in the heart of Victoria’s spa country, known for having some of the purest waters in the world.

The Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region of Victoria, is an area renowned for the purity of its water. This is where Big Wet water comes from. The story of this water actually begins three million years ago when Western Victoria was surrounded by volcanic eruptions.

The hot lava hardened into large layers of highly porous rock. Beginning as rain water that seeps into this ancient extinct volcano, it is here that Big Wet water travels to the surface, picking up important minerals along the way. As it moves through the fine pores of the layers of granite and basalt any impurities are removed creating this uniquely pure water with an uncompromised taste. This naturally purified water finally emerges at the end of its travels in a privately owned, confined aquifer found 50 metres below the surface where it remains safely stored, free of pollution.

Big Wet’s water is naturally very low in minerals and has the added benefit of being filtered at both the source and bottling plant. This means there are no hidden impurities and it has a clean, refreshing taste. There are no added chemicals or preservatives; it is simply clean, natural water.

Big Wet delivers quality bottled water, free of charge, to all of metropolitan Melbourne including the expanding Northern suburbs, Bayswater and the Yarra Ranges, Geelong and the Bellarine peninsula, plus the regional area of Gippsland and the Bass coast. The refreshing quality water is popular in homes and offices around the region. The company has customised solutions available like water filtration, water bottle delivery and cooler delivery. They will pick the empty bottles and keep track of ongoing needs. Big Wet employs a team of reliable delivery staff that is committed to providing courteous personalised service to all its customers. They will deliver the bottled water on a regular monthly cycle and also make frequent trips when arranged.

Big Wet is a member of the Australian Bottled Water Association and is HACCP certified. The water source is organically certified by the Biological Farmers Association.

For more information: https://www.bigwet.com.au or Call: 1300 699 965