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Voyager Portable BBQ Grill

Easy camping gas cook-ups are taken to the next level with the BRAND NEW Voyager Portable BBQ Grill offered by 4WD Supacentre.

Featuring a Double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hot plate, the portable Voyager BBQ Grill offers the choice between using a flat hotplate or when flipped over acts as a grill to allow juices to drain away.


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With a clean efficient 16MJ/h of heat output provided by a full length stainless-steel burner. It runs the total length of the hotplate for even heating over the whole surface.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill is versatile and easy to use with only one highly efficient burner that uses approximately 320g/h of LPG on its highest heat setting, the burner has the capability to last for more than 4 hours of solid cooking and with an inexpensive adaptor will happily run for over 26+ hours of happy cook ups using a standard 9Kg gas bottle found at service stations, BBQ stores and hardware stores.


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The double sided vitreous enamel cast iron hotplate is designed to be easy to clean and easily distributes heat across the large cooking area of 46 x 29cm.

The Voyager Portable BBQ Grill was designed and built with travelers in mind, it has a light-weight construction and simple design, which includes removable stainless-steel legs, and a protective hard carry case, the whole grill sets up in under a minute, and its portability and practicality is second to none.

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To set the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill up, simply requires it to be unpacked from its carry case, with its legs to be slotted into place, and the included 3/8” BSP-LH fitting hose to be connected to a suitable gas bottle, turn the gas flow valve and simply fire the integrated push button Piezo ignition and it will cook just as a normal full sized BBQ does, without any fuss.

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Weighing in at just over 8kg and being a compact design it will easily stash in the back of many vehicles, ready for impromptu cookups, to take away camping or perfect for 4WD Touring breakfast, lunch and dinners in places that do not allow for solid fuel cooking (campfires) or where there isn’t enough time to start a roaring fire.

For absolute convenience it is hard to look past the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill for its ease of use and durability, it will cook tasty meals easily, and stash away compact and small when not in use, it is sure to be a favorite amongst travelers, campers, and 4WD tourers in Australia.

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To find out absolutely everything about the Voyager Portable BBQ Grill head to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au