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Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Cheap Home Loan

With the Year of the Dog coming up, it’s time to spring clean your finances and switch to a lender that’s worth your loyalty.

Homestar Finance is an award winning lender that has been offering an array of home loan solutions since 2004. They have settled thousands of home loans in Australia, winning the devotion of many clients. They are currently offering an Owner Occupied product with an interest rate of only 3.54% and a comparison rate of 3.58%, with a cashback of $1200 upon settlement! Customers with a maximum LVR of 80% and borrowing amount of $750,000 are eligible for this rate.

Welcome fortune and prosperity into your life by saving on your home loan!

However, this rate is only offered a limited time only. Enquire to find out more. http://homestarfinance.com.au/special-offers/owneroccupied80