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Superhero Daughter Day invites primary school girls to explore STEM - the fun way

Announcement posted by Underground Communications 21 Feb 2018

DCC Jobs and the Tech Girls Movement invite girls aged five to 12 years to Superhero Daughter Day (#superherodaughterday18), an event in six Australian capital cities and Auckland in New Zealand that will see them learn and have fun with interactive bug displays, programmable friendship bracelets, wearable tech, robotics, virtual reality displays and more. The event, introduces girls to the exciting world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in celebration of International Women’s Day.

“Superhero Daughter day is a great day out for everyone involved. The girls enjoy playing with technology in an environment that is totally theirs to explore and enjoy quality time with their parents or guardians,” says Valeria Ignatieva, co-founder at DCC Jobs.

Superhero Daughter Day is in Adelaide (3 March), Sydney (10 March), Brisbane (10 March), Hobart (17 March), Perth (24 March), Melbourne (24 March) and Auckland (24 March).

“It’s great to hold these events again after the success of over 1000 people attending last year, with even more expected this year. Learning through play is a key way to introduce new concepts and the girls leave with a new found enthusiasm for STEM and a desire to make it their future career,” says Valeria.

In addition to the fun activities, the girls will meet inspiring female role models in STEM, enjoy cupcakes and leave with a goodie bag to take home.

“Superhero Daughter Day is aimed at girls aged five to 12 years when their inquisitive minds mean they are not compromised by gender stereotypes. The Tech Girls Movement focuses on encouraging and raising awareness of technology career options for girls and the Superhero Daughter Day is a great way to do this. Research has shown gender stereotypes form in children as early as six years old,” says Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen, founder of the Tech Girls Movement.


DCC Jobs is an online jobs board where employers are pre-screened against a set of 20 criteria including paid parental leave, pay equity and flexible working arrangements.


“Employer information on our website is not publicly listed elsewhere making it an essential job search tool when assessing a company to work for and confidence that they value women’s careers,” says Valeria.


DCC Jobs has helped many women, often in non-traditional sectors such as data science, engineering and machine learning find rewarding roles with supportive employers.


According to a 2016 report by the Office of the Chief Scientist, women make up less than one-fifth of Australians qualified in STEM subjects and continue to be paid less than their male colleagues.

“We’ve had amazing feedback from parents who have attended our Superhero Daughter Day events who say their daughters have continued to learn code since the event and are using technology in everyday applications. We had one parent tell us that their daughter was creating light up circuit birthday cards for their friends after being at one of our events,” Valeria continues.

The Superhero Daughter Day is proudly supported by Technology One Ltd, Caltex, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), LiveTiles, Powercor, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, Edith Cowan University, Norman Disney & Young, Spark and OMG Tech! Shell Australia, Aristocrat, CommBank of Australia, NodeGirls and Thales.

Tickets are $20 for the girls and free for an accompanying adult. More information can be found at www.dccjobs.com/events1/superhero-daughter-day-2.

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