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Announcement posted by Cres Pty Ltd 21 Feb 2018

Marino Sussich, CEO of Foxlotto.com said “A global media and Lotto company are now being engaged to launch FoxLotto in Barcelona, Spain in April of this year.”
FOX LOTTO Is an existing global Online casino lottery organisation which is owned by Cres Pty Ltd (an Australian registered Company).  Fox Lotto seeks to become a world recognised Online Lottery operator with a particular emphasis on the Korean and surrounding areas by expanding its existing operation.

 Marino Sussich, CEO of FoxLotto.com said that the FoxLotto website has been operational for 2 years and during this period has proven to be very popular.  The results have been outstanding with thousands of players playing Fox Lotto daily without any search engine optimisation or digital marketing.

 The combination of the two words “Fox” and “Lotto” are perceived favourably by the customers of Fox lotto as them being able to “outfox” the results of the games by them choosing their own favourable outcome. This will be reinforced with the slogan “Play Smart - Smart Play” stated CEO Marino Sussich CEO of Foxlotto.com.

  "A global media and Lotto company is now being engaged to launch FoxLotto in Barcelona, Spain in April of this year and the live-streaming services are to be provided by Streamark," said Mr. Marino Sussich.  

The digital marketing campaign to be used will be both sophisticated and entertaining, targeting millions of players from around the world.

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