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Sydney, Australia, 22 February 2018: One of Australia’s leading employee assistance providers is pioneering a new model for proactive employee health and wellbeing to remove the stigma associated with traditional employee assistance programs (EAP), particularly for mental health.

Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC) is marking the pioneering shift with the launch of a new contemporary brand, Benestar. The new brand name will also include DTC’s other brands, Stratos, Prime XL and Springboard Health and Performance.

Benestar is part of Cover-More Group, best known as Australia’s leading travel insurance and medical assistance provider and a progressive force in the industry with the introduction of travel insurance cover for mental health conditions and trauma counselling for injured travellers.

Benestar Group CEO Michele Grow said the new Benestar name means ‘wellbeing’ and captures the essence of the shift towards holistic health and wellbeing for employees.

We currently look after more than 2.4 million employees in about 2,000 organisations in Australia and around the world. And in the past few years, it’s become obvious that employers are looking for a more positive and affirming health and wellbeing model—one they can promote constructively to their employees.

“We are offering services that all employees can access proactively, rather than offering assistance focused on the 10% of employees who previously used traditional programs when they had a concern or serious problem,” she said.

Ms Grow said that good health is key to achieving great performance—that happy and healthy people equate to a productive and engaged workforce.

“With Benestar, our aim is to make health and wellbeing an effortless and everyday proposition for individuals and organisations. We aim to help more people when and where they need us with all aspects of their life—physical, mental, social and financial.

“We have invested in new, interactive technology, such as the BeneHub App, to support the needs of today’s connected employees and to encourage greater individual accountability. It’s all about helping people to be their best at work and in life,” Ms Grow said.  


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About Benestar. Launched in 2018, Benestar brought together four businesses—Davidson Trahaire Corpsych (DTC), Stratos, Prime XL and Springboard Health and Performance. Benestar translates to ‘wellbeing’ and the company’s brand promise is to help employers and employees be their best. Benestar is part of Cover-More Group. www.benestar.com
Cover-More Group is a global specialist and integrated travel insurance, medical assistance and employee assistance provider. Cover-More has strong market positions in Australia, India and the USA where the group owns Travelex Insurance Services. In addition, Cover-More has operations in Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Cover-More has diversified distribution across retail travel, aviation, financial institutions and direct which is underpinned by optimisation technology. Cover-More was acquired by Zurich Insurance Group in 2017. www.covermoregroup.com