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Teksmobile Releases First Prototype For Agritech IoT Tool

Announcement posted by Teknowledge software 23 Feb 2018

Teksmobile has recently launched the first polystyrene prototype of an innovative IoT device for smart agriculture. The tool is powered by LoRaWAN, and it will remove irrigation-uncertainties and weather-related risks in a big way.

Only a couple of months shy of completing 12 years of existence, Teksmobile - a leading mobile app and software company - is in the news. A couple of days back, the company officially announced the first prototype of its innovative device for smart agriculture, powered by the internet of things (IoT) and LoRa technology. The CEO of Teksmobile, Hussain Fakhruddin, himself took to Facebook and Twitter, to provide the first look of the product.

According to well-placed sources from the company, Team Teks had been involved in extensive research of the LoRaWAN technology - in their bid to come out with a feature-rich, high-performance IoT tool. The focus of the device was always going to be the improvement of agricultural operations. The project has been named ‘AgriTeks’ - and with the tool, crop-growers can ‘plant it and leave it’, feels Hussain.

The developers working on this smart IoT device have plenty of reasons to feel confident about the product too. For starters, unlike many similar existing products - the tool created by Teksmobile works on a ‘gateway-based’ system. The gateway can be set up anywhere, and a SIM has to be placed in it. From the smart sensors placed in the crop fields, real-time data is collected by the nodes - and the latter then transfers this data back to the gateway. After that, the gateway moves the data to the server system, for processing. The entire network and process is streamlined and user-friendly. In the prototype showcased by Teksmobile, the connection was established through wifi - but LAN ports can be used for the purpose as well.

If one of the USPs of the new smart farming device is the smooth bypassing of multi-SIM-related management problems, the relatively lower-than-average protocol cost is another big advantage. As is typical of most LoRa-powered smart things, this tool requires significantly low power (at each node) - and involves lesser expenses as well. Hussain explained that the range of the IoT device will be comfortably more than 5 kilometers, and it should offer a battery life of more than one year. The fact that this tool will not face any connectivity-related issues even in rural/semi-urban areas is also a game-changer.

After due research and comparative analyses, Hussain and his team have decided to go with a single-channel gateway for the innovative LoRa-based agritech tool. While that minimizes the cost levels - it also throws up the tricky challenge of operating multiple nodes with a single gateway channel. The testers have been doubly careful about ensuring that the device can function at optimal levels under all circumstances. In a highly advanced tool like this one, even a minor performance glitch can be disastrous - and Team Teks is not planning to take any chances. Incidentally, the tool will be available to users on a subscription basis.

Hussain is quietly confident about the IoT agritech device being capable of providing end-to-end assistance to crop-growers. The primary emphasis would be on ensuring optimized management of water resources, by providing accurate irrigation notifications (i.e., about water/irrigation requirements). With the help of the powerful sensors, soil moisture levels will be monitored, along with air/soil temperature and overall atmospheric information. Based on the data collected by the nodes (and received by the gateway), ‘informed predictions’ are sent to the server - and crop-growers are simultaneously notified. In addition, harvest-time notifications are sent along to farmers as well. A senior developer from Teksmobile also revealed that a new functionality - for tracking fertilizer requirements - will be added to upcoming versions of the IoT device.

The LoRa agritech tool also eases potential problems over charging. It can be charged with standard USB chargers, as well as with power banks. The device will also let users (crop-growers) know when it needs juice. Such notifications will be generated from the nodes as well as from the server.

Around the world, natural hazards seriously affect agricultural yields every year. The rates of water-wastage is alarming, while indiscriminate usage of fertilizers can cause permanent damage to the soil quality. The LoRaWAN IoT smart agriculture tool should provide prospective users an easy way to avoid such risks. By helping farmers with smarter, automated operations, the tool will play an instrumental role in improving annual farm yields, reiterated Hussain.

Teksmobile has always been a driver of technological innovation - and it is breaking new grounds once again with the breakthrough IoT device for smart agriculture. The first polystyrene prototype is ready - and Teksmobile is eyeing a final release of the device within the next couple of quarters. It certainly seems that this is going to be one of the biggest IoT launches of 2018.

For further information on the IoT device, kindly call 91-33-40649088 and/or send along emails to info@teks.co.in. If you wish to get a general overview of Teksmobile, visit http://teks.co.in/. Backed up by solid research, and designed by expert IoT specialists - the new agritech tool has every chance of emerging a huge success.