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ACS Distance Education teaching people to grow food

ACS Distance Education has been passionate about teaching people to grow food for a long time. With a passion and love for horticulture combined with a drive for wanting to help people become more self sufficient or start their own commercial production, ACS can help people to learn the essentials of growing food crops.

With the increase of the local food movement, people learning horticulture to grow their own food has also increased in popularity. Finding somewhere that will teach you the essentials and help you make your own choices on how you would like to grow your plants to suit your needs is also an important consideration.

Whether you would like to become more self-sufficient, start your own commercial vegetable or fruit production, or even become a micro-business producing small quantities of food for a roadside or market stall, we have courses supported by expert tutors every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

Take a look at some of the courses that we have to help you grow food here: