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Smarter City parking revolution begins at Warrnambool City Council

Warrnambool City Council has chosen CellOPark to modernise parking in the regional city’s CBD

NSW, AUSTRALIA, Monday 5th March, 2018 - Warrnambool City Council has chosen CellOPark to modernise parking in the regional city’s CBD. CellOPark Australia, the leading provider of integrated parking solutions in Australia, offers a suite of smarter parking solutions which include pay-by-phone, pay-by-app, pay-by-web, vPermits (virtual permits) in conjunction with pay-by-plate meters.

“Residents and visitors now have access to a smarter parking system that provides ticketless parking and the ability to stop the clock and pay only for the time you use,” Warrnambool City Council Director City Infrastructure Scott Cavanagh said.
“The new solution is more convenient because people can simply tap in their details and continue on their way. 
“The app offers even greater convenience because you don’t have to use the parking meter at all.”

With a global push towards improving urban quality of life through digital innovation using future-proof infrastructure, Warrnambool City Council has moved towards a holistic integrated solution and is leading the charge into the Smarter City global trend.

 “We are thrilled to partner with Warrnambool City Council in providing new technology to meet their needs for an overall smarter parking environment,” CellOPark Australia Managing Director Ori Almog said. 

“CellOPark assisted the council in replacing their previous systems to a more flexible solution that allowed for the future growth of the city.”
With the introduction of the new systems, the council also made a decision to move from a user pays system - where the motorist pays an additional fee to the operator for using the service - to CellOPark’s system. 
This customer-focused decision has proven itself and with an increase in uptake of more than 500 per cent within 4 months. 

CellOPark Australia has been providing award winning leading-edge parking technologies since 2008 and bases its success on an ability to work with their customers to constantly develop and enhance existing platforms. 
“This has allowed us to create products which cater to the unique environments they are utilised in,” Mr Almog said.
About CellOPark

About Warrnambool City Council
Warrnambool City Council’s vision is to be Cosmopolitan City by the Sea. 
Its major objectives are to:
Sustain and enhance the natural environment
Foster a healthy city that is socially and culturally rich
Maintain and improve the physical fabric of the city
Develop a modern economy with diverse and sustainable employment
Practice good governance through openness and accountability

About CellOPark Australia
Established in Sydney in 2008, and based on a technology heritage dating back over 12 years, CellOPark is Leading the market with advanced connectivity, accessibility and interoperability, CellOPark is a cutting-edge parking and mobile payment solution for parking operators including universities, shopping centres, councils and hospitals.  

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