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New Puncture Free Tyre Technology

Australian Company Now Supplies

Puncture Free Tyre Technology


·       ASV now supplies Australia's first tyre to feature pioneering puncture-proof technology.

·       The advanced technology enables tires punctured between the shoulders to retain pressure when an object penetrates the casing and when it is removed.

·       With no sudden tyre deflation, there is no loss of vehicle control, sparing precious lives.


March 2018: Australian family-owned company ASV is proud to announce their ASV P-Free™ tyre - Australia's first puncture-proof tyre technology.


ASV P-Free's revolutionary and Australian patented Memory Nano Polymer Rubber Technology (MNPRT) works by instantly sealing the puncture after a sharp object pierces the tyre. The tyre remains inflated even after the object is removed without any drop in pressure, allowing the driver to retain control and enjoy a comfortable, safe and uninterrupted journey to their destination.


"Like many, we've experienced the terrifying loss of control caused by a punctured tyre," comments Aron Soghomonian, Chief Operating Officer. "The ASV P-Free™ tyre is a huge leap forward in safety-first technology, and we have no doubt we will achieve our mission to save lives."


In Australia, tyre issues are either directly responsible or are a contributing factor in a significant number of accidents causing injury. Tyre failure also costs mission-critical departments like the police and ambulance services significant time when responding to incidents. Similarly, commercial vehicles together with the hire car and taxi industries experience loss of revenue caused by the lost productivity and costs associated with a single puncture.


The Australian-patented ASV P-Free™ tyre meets and exceeds Australia's stringent safety and quality tests. Drivers experience optimal tyre performance in both wet and dry conditions with the added safety net of the ground-breaking puncture-proof technology. Our premium quality tyre in independent testing has out preforms several name brand tires in wet & dry braking, cornering stability, and wear. 


"As well as mitigating the loss of vehicle control, there are so many secondary safety benefits to fitting your vehicle with the ASV P-Free™ tyre," adds Product Manager Brent Smaill. "Why should another life be lost simply changing a tyre on the side of the road? Let us remove the fear, inconvenience and dangers of being caught out late at night in the rain or in some isolated location with another flat tyre”  


Premium quality ASV P-Free™ tyres come with a generous three year or 40 000 kilometre warranty and a lifetime warranty on the patented gel technology that makes the tyres puncture free. The tyres can be fitted by your local tyre specialist, via Ultra Tune or customers can order them directly online. RRP $ 181 - $341.

For more information, visit www.asvpfree.com.au.


About ASV

ASV Euro Car Parts is one of Australia’s largest suppliers and exporters of new and used European spare parts. Operating for 30 years, it is an Australian family owned and run company with offices spread across Australia and New Zealand. ASV has built its reputation on the sound principles of supplying quality products with excellent warranties and exceptional customer service. The company's drive to patent and bring the puncture-free tyres to Australia is based on its decades of industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the need for advanced technology in premium-quality products that improve the safety of Australians every day.


ASV P-Free™ Tyres

Fact Sheet


australian-first, Ground-breaking TECHNOLOGY

  • ASV P-Free™ tyres feature pioneering and Australian patented Memory Nano Polymer Rubber Technology (MNPRT).
  • The advanced technology prevents dangerous tyre explosions due to puncture and prevents slippery driving on flat tyres – at no point are driving conditions affected.
  • MNPRT is a self-sealing gel comprising of three essential ingredients – a thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing/extender oil.
  • In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the patented MNPRT gel application immediately self-seals around the object that penetrates the tyre, even if the object becomes dislodged.
  • The tyre remains inflated without dropping any pressure, ensuring there is no impact on the driver’s safety.
  • After a puncture, drivers can continue without needing to stop, comfortable in the knowledge their tyre has mended itself.
  • MNPRT works for multiple, unlimited punctures.


Certified Quality & SAFETY

ASV P-Free™ tyres achieve top quality and safety certifications:


  • ISO/TST6949 Quality System Certification
    • 3C Compulsory Quality Certification
    • DOT
    • E4 Standards
    • Manufactured with patented MNPRT technology + Australian Patent


·       Three years or 40 000 kilometer warranty on tyres.

·       Lifetime warranty on the gel application.