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Big Wet Becomes Largest Independent Water Delivery Company in Victoria

Having expanded from 4 to 10 trucks, Big Wet are officially the largest independent, family owned home and office water delivery company in Victoria. The purpose is to have enough trucks in the delivery areas so that customers will never be short of their refreshing spring water.

Established in 1994, their natural spring water is sourced from a granite spring in the heart of Victoria’s Spa Country and is delivered to homes and offices in both 11 litre and 15 litre bottles. Delivery is available in Melbourne and surrounding areas. On their Facebook page the company thanked all the loyal customers who have helped them grow. “Big Wet looks forward to continuing to give you the very best customer service and the most delicious water,” the company said.

The company is donating $50 for every Summer Special $49 deal sold to build a well in Africa to save lives by allowing a community to have clean drinking water.  Big Wet has teamed up with Water for Africa, Australia to build a well to provide clean drinking water for the people of Tanzania. Each well costs $5,000 and positively impacts the lives of 2,000 people. When customers rent a free-standing hot and cold water cooler for just $49 (plus GST) for one year they will get four 15-litre spring bottles, cup holder and a sleeve of cups absolutely free. They also get a $25 Coles/Myer voucher.

Customers have to nominate the freestanding cooler or bench top cooler with the order. This limited time offer gives a saving of up to $100. The deal is available online through the company’s website or phone orders. Customers must also sign up for an ongoing direct debit facility in order to qualify for this deal.

Big Wet sources water from two deep underground springs from picturesque hills of Daylesford Victoria. They deliver sustainable one-stop solution for all bottled water related needs. The spring water employs a team of reliable delivery staff that is committed to providing courteous personalised service to all its customers. They will deliver the bottled water on a regular monthly cycle and also make frequent trips when arranged.

For water filtering, floor standing coolers, water cooler filter, bench top coolers, water cooler bottles and more, call 1300 699 965 or visit https://www.bigwet.com.au/