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Data Republic and SAS join forces to enhance analytic services

Data Republic announced today that it had entered into a partnership with SAS, the leader in analytics, to further enhance the services offered through its data exchange platform.

The partnership means that customers will now be able to apply the power of SAS analytics to uncover insights from the data listed on Data Republic’s data exchange platform.

Since launching in 2016, Data Republic’s secure data sharing ecosystem has grown rapidly with a mix of over 340 brands, service providers and expert consulting partners now using the platform to negotiate and collaborate on shared data projects. 


The Data Republic Senate Platform enables private and public sector organisations to share and analyse anonymised data in a secure environment. With this, technology organisations can govern data requests and manage shared data analysis projects on dedicated online analytics workspaces. Importantly, Data Republic ensures the privacy of consumers is protected through de-identification technology, full data encryption and ‘private by design’ governance controls.


Announcing the enhanced service, Data Republic Co-Founder and CEO, Paul McCarney, said entering into partnership with SAS was a logical step in the growth of the company.


“While the service we offer has included analytics capabilities since the very beginning, many of our customers are leading banks, government agencies and other large organisations who already use SAS in house. Through this partnership they will now also be able to leverage their SAS expertise when managing shared data projects on the Data Republic platform”.


David Bowie, Vice President of SAS Australia and New Zealand, said: “As much for the obvious benefits for our two companies, we have partnered in this way through the urging of several of our own long-time SAS customers. Data Republic’s offering is gaining wide acceptance by many of the same organisations we have served for many years, and they will now enjoy further advantage from their investments in SAS skills and knowhow.”


Users of SAS analytics in this environment will do so through Data Republic on a pay-per-use basis, with SAS providing the specific elements of its software required for the user’s project. The SAS software will reside within Data Republic’s online ecosystem for the duration of the project.


SAS sees the facility as being very attractive to its existing customers who will now be able to manage ad hoc analysis initiatives separately and externally, without impacting their in-house activities. David Bowie also said, “And I think we can reasonably expect that – thanks to the fast growing take up of Data Republic’s solution – we may see more organisations adopting SAS analytics for insights to decision making”.



About Data Republic

Data Republic is a data sharing governance platform and marketplace where organisations can safely share data, without risking consumer privacy or data security. 

Our Senate Platform delivers an all-in-one solution for organisations to govern the flow of data in and out of their organisation, as well as manage shared analytics projects in the cloud, while retaining full control of data visibility, permitted use and licensing. 

Data Republic is a Sydney based start-up backed by Westpac, Qantas Loyalty, NAB, Qualgro and ANZ. Learn more about Data Republic’s offering at https://www.datarepublic.com or watch https://youtu.be/p0lX1OcaQTY


About SAS:

SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 83,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.