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Audience Grows Sales by 100% and Doubles Team

Organic growth, new client acquisition drive need for new hires

Brisbane & Sydney, Australia – 3 April 2018Full service media agency, Audience, helmed by Tom Evans and James McDonald, is showing its clients the difference that a seriously data-driven approach can make and clients are asking for more. New accounts and incremental growth across all existing accounts has seen the team double in size over the past year, with the three latest appointments announced today.

“It has been a challenge to find the right people, especially because the job market feels reasonably buoyant at the moment,” said Evans. “Despite whatever sense of urgency we may have related to some hires, due to the rate of growth we are experiencing, we are still very careful. The collective talent of our team is the product that we sell.”

After a considered search, Audience has welcomed highly awarded Irish expat Gemma Randles as account director and keen, ambitious Brisbane native Margie Lutvey as account manager.

“We also want to formally acknowledge the recent promotion of Klara Eichholz to the role of Digital Media and Data Manager. At 27, Klara has an impressive ability to not only see, but action insights from our clients’ media investments, that have really helped to propel their businesses forward. She’s definitely one to watch,” said Evans.

With a background in design and visual communications, Gemma Randles spent two years as an Art Director for BBDO Dublin working on an extensive list of big brand clients. She then co-founded marketing agency, Koh Creative, and took on the role of creative director.

“Among other acknowledgements, Gemma was featured as one of Ireland’s Most Influential Women in Business, before making the move to Australia,” said Evans. “She has an impressive ability to combine creativity with business acumen; an ideal mix of skills for the Audience team as our newest Account Director.”

Randles intends to make her mark at Audience by bringing her enthusiasm and proactive approach to the table, contributing to a range of accounts, building relationships and driving business development.

“I’m excited to be part of such a progressive agency, and to be in a position to play a role in its continued growth,” said Randles. “Applying creativity to help clients achieve business objectives is just one of the daily perks of the job, and a challenge that I relish fulfilling for our clients.”

Margie Lutvey is a business graduate who began her marketing and advertising career at Blaze Advertising in Brisbane, part of WPP and Y&R Group.

“Margie has built up some experience working on campaigns in the government sector, particularly for education, health and recruitment programs, and handled high volume, fast-turnaround projects. During the interview process we found that appealing, as well as her natural curiosity about how the industry is changing and why,” said Evans. “We continue to look for talented people who are not only creative and skilled at what they do, but who exhibit curiosity about what the shape of advertising will be in two, five, ten years. We want to work with people who genuinely care about the future of advertising.”

“I don’t want to be at an agency where I’m always hearing ‘We do it that way because its’ always been done that way’,” said Lutvey. “I’m interested in learning, in broadening my experience with a focus on where the industry is going. I want to be somewhere that is looking forward. Audience’s combination of a creative and data-led approach makes sense as a next step for me.”

For Digital Media and Data Manager Klara Eichholz, data is at the heart of what she does every day, and that’s just how Audience intends it to be.

“Audience has built a diverse team, able to draw on experience from a variety of markets and industry sectors. We work together with a data-driven approach that informs the work we do for our clients and also helps us to demonstrate to clients the value of what we do,” said Eichholz.”

Evans and McDonald place high value on finding people with an affinity for and an interest in data and analytics, and people who can blend creativity with strong commercial thinking.

“Data drives decisions and informs all our work. We believe in the power of evidence-based advertising to build more effective creative work and utilise the most effective media opportunities. Our approach informs where to find audiences, when to find them, and what to say to them,” said Evans. “We don’t need to guess at what may or may not work, we can use data points from our target audience to understand media and messages that are going to appeal to these audiences."