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A Quick Insight into Total Car Removal's Business Model

And What Makes Them Different from Other Cash for Car Companies in Melbourne

There are a lot of Cash for Car Businesses in Melbourne. But not all of them are successful. Building a successful business takes time, years of hard work and experience. And all three of those factors come together to result in a solid business, something that’s sustainable, with a solid customer base and a good reputation as a trustworthy business. Total Car Removal has become one of the top Car Removal companies in Melbourne over the years. How have they managed to stay ahead of competition? What is it that they’ve done differently to distinguish themselves from all the countless other Cash for Car companies?

Total Car Removal has taken the typically lengthy and long drawn out process of selling a car and consolidated it into a quick three-step process. They’ve done away with all the time-wasting steps and made it so simple and effortless for car owners to sell their cars. No matter what the condition (old, used, scrap), make (German, Japanese, French), or model (new or old) your car is, Total Car Removal is ready to buy it. They have professional appraisers who determine the value of your car and make you a cash quote offer. You can then decide whether you want to sell your car to them or not. Once you agree, all that’s left to do is to schedule a free removal at your convenience. And the best part? You can get up to $10,000 for your car!

To ensure that the process goes smoothly, without a hitch for the car seller, Total Car Removal has a “don’t collect until you confirm” system in place. Basically, what that means is that, once payment is made via cash on-site, bank transfer or cheque, the car will only be collected after the seller confirms that the agreed amount has been transferred. This eliminates any worries over payment not being made on time or the possibility of getting undercut. What you get with Total Car Removal is a straightforward, transparent business deal from the very first phone call to the last and final step of the car removal.

Total Car Removal has developed a system to provide its customers with high quality and time-saving service. Selling a car in a day, or even better -  in a few hours, was impossible ten years ago. But now, you can decide to sell your old car today and have it sold, and have the cash in hand, within a couple of hours. That level of efficiency is what has made Total Car Removal stand apart from other Cash for Car companies.