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Ok Google, Turn on the Air Conditioning

With AirTouch's latest update, you can control the air conditioning using the Google Assistant on your compatible smartphone, or Google Home Smart Speaker.

“Ok Google, Turn on the Air Conditioning”

It’s as simple as that, with AirTouch’s latest update you have the ability to control your home air conditioning unit from Google Assistant with your compatible smartphone, or the new Google Home smart speaker. Now, with a quick voice command from you, you can come home to a cool house in summer, or warm up in winter.

Google Home is the voice-controlled smart speaker designed for hands-free assistance from Google. Enjoy music, get answers, organise your everyday tasks, and now manage your home’s climate, integrated with AirTouch Smart Air Conditioning control. See the video here.

Smart Homes using AirTouch to control their air conditioning just got better, because you can now manage temperatures and airflow around your house using a phrase like “Ok Google, cool down the living room”.

Together, AirTouch and Google Home give homeowners the ability to control the temperature in each room of their house using a phrase like “Ok Google, set the kitchen to 24 degrees.” 

Just like how Google Home & Google Assistant try to make your life easier, AirTouch wants to give you the ultimate personalised home climate control experience. 

The latest AirTouch 3 can control up to 16 zones per AC unit, with a choice of controlling up to 2 ducted air conditioning units per household. All this can be managed with minimal effort by using the Google Assistant voice-activated functions.

“You wouldn’t have just one light switch for the entire house, so why do the same with your air conditioner?”

Zone control, with systems like AirTouch lets you have different volumes of conditioned air in different areas of your home, and lets you turn off air in areas you are not using.

Using Google Home in conjunction with AirTouch, homeowners can be more informed of which zones are active and save energy by turning them off when not in use. Not sure if you left the air conditioning running when you left for work and want to avoid energy wastage? Just ask Google Assistant from your smartphone if the system is running…you can even ask it to turn your system on again when you are heading home.

The AirTouch research team designed this smart climate control system with the differentiating climates across Australia in mind: From new and established family homes in Perth and Adelaide, suburban Melbourne, stunning Sydney Harbour mansions, tropical Queensland properties, and outback homestead renovations they took into account all these conditions as data to develop an effective but user-friendly smart climate control system. 

Now, AirTouch has been made even better through its latest innovation with Google Home & Google Assistant, which has been designed to create a more comfortable, and uniquely human smart home experience.