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Zero code Platform for developing Enterprise Grade Software launched in Australia & New Zealand

WEM Modeler ANZ brings the future of Application Development to Australia and New Zealand with key resellers appointed in major cities.

Melbourne, 18/04/2018 – WEM Modeler Australia and New Zealand(ANZ), today announced it has signed four new technology alliances with local resellers covering key regions in Australia & New Zealand.

WEM Solutions, Zero Code SolutionsEntrata Communications, WEM ModelerNZwill help enterprises in Australia and New Zealand accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and enhance rapid application modeling and deployment with the leading No Code Platform WEM.

“WEM fulfills the market’s Digital Transformation demands by democratizing application development”, Chenobu Thong, Managing Director of WEM Modeler ANZ explains. “Empowering any organization or individual to develop an application that is robust, secure and modernized”. WW WEM CEO Rob Schilperoort: “WEM is experiencing an accelerating growth, we’re happy to welcome team ANZ to the WEM family!”

Chenobu Thong, adds: “The WEM Platform will be rapidly adopted as the default for both business people as well as developers in Australia and New Zealand. With today’s announcement, clients have WEM experts with over 20 years’ experience in IT world, who they can reach out to locally. We will have more resellers added in the next wave covering South Australia and Queensland”.


WEM Modeler enables development of multi-platform business-critical applications and mobile apps – No code, up to 10 times faster than conventional methods, reducing costs up to 80%.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 Co-Founder and General Manager WEM Solutions, Des Janes is very impressed with the platform saying:“WEM Modeler is a game changer. All the talk about agility needed for today’s businesses to remain competitive is now at an open door. WEM Modeler through its no-code, rapid development, application building platform, makes adaptable application software available for an organization to turn business ideas into software applications, that can readily meet the changing market situation.” He further adds:“To be involved in bringing this kind of change to the model of application development in Australia and New Zealand is extremely satisfying. Providing an enabler for organizations to have software that is timely and adaptable to customer demands – Just Right.”Over 180 SMB and enterprise clients in Europe have built key applications on WEM platform. These include government agencies, banks, insurance companies and large manufacturing firms. Enterprise-sized businesses have used this to quickly design business process and workflow applications at a large scale.

In this digital age, it's mind-boggling to find many corporations still entrenched in manual business processes, often citing inadequate technical knowledge or high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as inhibitors,” Mike Koh, Business consulting Manager of Entrata Communications explains. Continuing: “WEM workflow automation is the solution for businesses to unlock productivity in this digital transformation journey.

The WEM Platform disrupts the way enterprise level applications are traditionally developed. Democratizing software development, WEM unleashes the true potential of small to enterprise businesses. Zero Code Solutions, with WEM, enables non-technical staff to build interactive solutions that can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure,” Mario Alfaro, CEO,  Zero Code Solutions, indicate. "Serverless zero code solutions like WEM can transform the way businesses automate their processes"  adds Jamie Fairweather, Managing Principal of Zero Code Solutions

The signed alliances provide the certified resellers with access to WEM Modeler technical resources, joint marketing opportunities, and rapid time-to-market enablement of applications to help drive customer’s digital transformations towards a success. Jason Liu (CTO, Entrata Communications): “The WEM Platform covers the full complexity of technologies and hosting, smoothening the development process for end users”. Alfaro and Fairweather agree: WEM, being a serverless zero code solution, transforms the way businesses automate their processes.Concluding: “Expensive developers become redundant and the everchanging business environment is rapidly supported.”

Co-Founder and CEO of WEM Modeler New Zealand (NZ) Kevin Horne WEM will enable any NZ business to turn ideas into real applications in a matter of days, rather than months. It really can be as simple as using the WEM online environment to model an existing business flow and have a working prototype within the hour.” He enthusiastically concludes: “While the typical consultant bores the audience with yet another set of gimmicky slides, we’ll take a client use case, an hour of their subject matter expert’s time and show a working product before lunchtime”