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✓ IOT’s first intended project is in partnership with LAKEBA, so as to be able to offer energy to consumers through the Blockchain.


IOT ( ASX: IOT) partners with global Blockchain specialists LAKEBA to create and develop IOT Blockchain projects.


IOT signs Agreement with Global Blockchain Specialists - LAKEBA (www.lakeba.com) to create, develop, structure and build IOT Blockchain Projects.

IOT’s first intended project is in partnership with LAKEBA, so as to be able to offer energy to consumers through the Blockchain.

IOT Blockchain Advisory Service Pty Ltd is targeting projects in the power, gold, lithium, cobalt and property sectors as its first round of proposed clients.


The ASX listed IOT group ( ASX: IOT) will use its contract with the new Hunter Energy power station to offer consumers the opportunity to buy sell and trade energy or even to secure power for their future use through the BLOCKCHAIN. Working with Italian born, Australian based tech and Blockchain genius Lakeba Group founder Giuseppe Porcelli - a modern day Albert Einstein - it’s planned that consumers will be able to start buying energy off the grid by late 2018 as well as gold , lithium, cobalt and property.


Executive Director and Founder of IOT Group Limited, Sean Neylon says “Our commitment to the IOT Blockchain Advisory Service requires specialised groups to support the client base. IOT has engaged Lakeba to give it that firepower that interested parties require to deliver on their requirements. IOT has targeted several established business sectors for the implementation of Blockchain. IOT expects to announce these over the coming months as Blockchain technology is adopted throughout the broader business community.”

CEO and Founder of Lakeba Group, Giuseppe Porcelli says “The energy sector, more than any other industry is demonstrating its progressive charter in embracing this new technology innovation. The Lakeba Group is partnering with a number of industry sectors to drive the implementation of Blockchain technology.”


Lakeba is an established technology innovator with extensive experience delivering solutions that incorporate the latest technologies such as AI, Mixed Reality and blockchain. The company is headquartered in Manly, NSW, with offices in Europe, UK, USA, India and Singapore. Through their unique business platform Lakeba rapidly creates, builds and scales new products and services to drive value for businesses and communities across the globe.

Lakeba brings cutting edge technology to market in conjunction with the largest technology companies in the world. Lakeba’s world class partnerships (including Google, Intel, Samsung and Microsoft) allow Lakeba to bring their newest yet-to-launch technologies to our innovation programmes. Lakeba is an Elite Partner of Intel and Gold Partner of Microsoft. Lakeba has taken a first mover advantage, rapidly expanding its blockchain capabilities and engaging with industry to both realise and drive the opportunities inherent in this new technology. Lakeba works with large corporate clients on specific business challenges to develop solutions that would then scale out to a wider market opportunity.

The example below is of a possible Blockchain Power to consumer Blockchain application.


Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-09/blockchain-latest-death-knell-of-an-old-school-utility-model



As announced to the market on 9 April 2018, The IOT Group Limited (ASX: IOT) (“IOT” or “the Company”) commenced development of a Blockchain strategy to gain an exposure to this rapidly developing Internet of Things sector. Further to and in line with this announced strategy, the Company is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Lakeba Corporation Pty Ltd (Lakeba) (www.lakeba.com) to create, develop, structure and build Blockchain protocols, applications and services. As previously announced, to develop revenue streams in Blockchain, IOT recently incorporated IOT Blockchain Advisory Service Pty Ltd (a 100% owned subsidiary of IOT Group Limited) and will seek to partner with Blockchain specialists to monetise the Blockchain opportunities. IOT Blockchain Advisory Service Pty Ltd will also advise clients on how to use and benefit from Blockchain. IOT has partnered with Lakeba to guide IOT’s entry into the Blockchain market. www.theiotgroup.com

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