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Extend your Welding Equipment Warranty for Free With AWS

AWS, agents for welding safety equipment in Australia and New Zealand, is asking its clients to register their 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet or AWS breathing air filtration system to receive an extra 12 months warranty. Clients can join even if the product warranty has expired to receive Speedglas™ spare part suggestions and care and maintenance guides specifically related to their product.

Customers can register their safety product through the AWS website. Made in Sweden with market leading optical quality, legendary performance, and the largest viewing areas available their range of welding helmets set the industry benchmark for welding shield vision, comfort and performance. Since launching the first auto-darkening welding mask ever, Speedglas has remained the welding helmet brand of choice for professional welders. The 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmets offer welders’ exceptional optical quality combined with the largest viewing area on the market.

Featuring the highest possible optical classification, Speedglas provides superior colour recognition and contrast and peripheral side windows. With industry-leading arc detection down to 1amp, external memory and grind mode and aerodynamic exhaust vents to assist in removing exhaled air, Speedglas products are a class of its own. AWS’ website supplies a range of auto darkening welding helmets. 

AWS is a specialist import, wholesale, sales and marketing company based in Sydney, Australia. It is the sole agent for 3M's Speedglas™ Welding Safety brand in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The Speedglas range of products are imported from Sweden into their international warehouse network and then distributed through over 300 touchpoints around ANZ. With a dedicated network of distributors, AWS has built a unique channel to market for thousands of personal safety products.  

For more information on the warranty offer customers should read the product section of the website to view the standard warranty terms and conditions or contact AWS on +61 (0) 2 9439 0111 or email them at sales@awsi.com.au. Extended warranty applies only to products within the initial manufacturer’s warranty period.

For more information on auto darkening welding helmet, welding helmets, PAPR and more:  https://www.awsi.com.au/product-register