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#PRforthePlanet launches it's Earth Advocacy Service.

Education, sustainability, solutions and awareness are at the core of #PRforthePlanet.

#PRforthePlanet was created in an attempt to bring consumer awareness to the many incredible people and products working tirelessly to provide everyday solutions to the problems the planet is facing.

"We strongly believe that most people would make the necessary small changes in their everyday lives if they were better informed on how and more importantly WHY it is so important."

PRforthePlanet is offering a heavily discounted distribution service to ethical, eco and environmentally friendly, sustainable businesses and products, causes, research and any organisation with the same core values. Bringing consumers the facts and alternatives is the main purpose of the advocacy project.

Founder and advocate Renee Sofi has worked in sales and media releations for some years and says she simply cannot ignore the crimes being committed on our planet anymore.

"There are no excuses anymore for business' and individuals to not make the small changes in their lives to minimise the impact on the oceans, landfills and overall health of not only the planet, but the health of their family and friends."

"Governemnts are being forced to enforce changes like banning plastic bags as we are becoming more aware of the major problems single use plastics are having on our oceans, but I feel restaurants, cafes and businesses are not jumping on board. As consumers we have the right to demand alternatives be available."

"If the environment is at the forefront of what you do, then we want to help you get your message heard. There are no more excuses and we will not rest until there is change."

Ph# 0404 94 1234

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