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Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Reveal Why Victoria’s Forest Resource Report is Important

Why ethical timber suppliers in Brisbane and across Australia pay close attention to Victoria’s Forest Resource Report.

November 07, 2017, Brisbane, QLD - As ethical timber suppliers, the management at Narangba Timbers feels it is their responsibility to keep up on all things having to do with sustainable timber. Whether in the Brisbane area or anywhere in Australia, they feel it is important to know what is being done to keep timber production in Australia sustainable.

Every year, VicForests, an organisation that helps keep Victoria’s forests sustainable, releases a report called Victoria’s Forest Resource Report. The report forecasts the amount of timber that will be produced by Victoria’s public forests using sustainable methods.

The Carbon Storage Cycle

The backbone of sustainable forestry is that every tree that is harvested is harvested at the right time and that it is replaced by a new tree. This helps to perpetuate the cycle of carbon storage. Timber stores carbon, using it to produce timber fibres as it grows. When a tree reaches maturity, the rate of timber storage slows. When it is cut down, it can be replaced by another tree, which starts storing more carbon.

Why is carbon storage so important? Because carbon is the common ingredient in greenhouse gases that erode the ozone layer and cause climate change. In fact, the most accurate measurement of the effect any process has upon the environment is called the carbon footprint. It is a measurement of how much carbon it releases into the environment.

Ultimately, carbon storage is extremely important because it helps keep climate change from happening so fast.

What it Means to Ethical Timber Suppliers

Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timber, a timber sales outlet in the Brisbane area. According to Mr Kyle:

“Ethical and sustainable Timber harvesting is a big issue with us. We feel it is our responsibility to all of our friends in the Brisbane area to leave a livable world for our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. That is why we are so adamant that all of the Timber we sell comes from sustainable sources. It is also why we always try to keep up on everything involving the harvesting of Timber.”

The Victoria Forest Resource Report

The Victoria Forest Resource Report uses a number of factors to create an algorithm which projects the output of sustainably grown timber from Victorian forests. Timber is separated into two categories for the forecasts: Ash and Mixed Species.

The first part of the model is to compute the number of trees in the forests. Then, the rate of the growth of those trees is added into the model. Other factors are added in, such as changes to the appearance of the forest, indicating attrition of trees for various reasons. Reasons for tree attrition can include factors such as Leadbetter possums, which are destructive to trees.

The age and structure of the forest can also be reduced by factors such as fires and timber that is currently being harvested. Most of these factors can be calculated by the use of remote sensing by satellites or drones. The end result is an accurate forecast of timber production for the short term and the mid term.

Mr Kyle concludes: “Material such as the Victoria Forest Resource Report is vital to timber suppliers because we need to know how much sustainable timber is going to be available now and in the future.”

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