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World first for Australian Vets

Stethee Vet - The world's first A.I Stethescope

Vepalabs signs agreement with M3DICINE Pty Ltd. to distribute Stethee VET™, the world’s first AI veterinary stethoscope.

Stethee Vet to launch with Vepalabs at AVA 2018 Annual Conference in Brisbane, 13th - 18th May, 2018.


BRISBANE, AU - 9th MAY 2018. Vepalabs, a veterinary point of care diagnostics distribution company and M3DICINE Pty Ltd., a medical device platform company, have signed a distribution agreement to sell Stethee Vet, the world’s first veterinary digital AI enabled stethoscope.

The agreement covers sales in Australia and New Zealand and marks the first time a digital AI-enabled stethoscope has been focused on improving the experience and efficiency of acquiring, storing, sharing and diagnosing animal vital sign data.

Animals often have a “flight or fight” reaction to seeing a traditional stethoscope, resulting too often in the vet being scratched or bitten. One of the many benefits of Stethee Vet is that the device can be used by the pet owner with the vet listening and capturing the pet’s vital signs wirelessly or on their mobile device. The animal’s vital signs are instantly uploaded to the cloud where intelligent AI software analyses and compares millions of related vital signs to help the vet make informed diagnostic decisions.

Jack Mainprize, Product Manager, Vepalabs, commented, “We’re delighted to be first to market with such an innovative veterinary platform in Australasia. Stethee Vet’s groundbreaking design and Artificially Intelligent software heralds in a new era of innovation across the veterinary market, helping to improve diagnostics, screening and remote care for veterinary health professionals and animal owners.”

Nayyar Hussain, M.D, Founder and CEO of M3DICINE, said, “As a Brisbane company we’re looking forward to building our partnership with Vepalabs to help enable the animal health market for AI and digital diagnostic platforms. Stethee Vet not only dramatically improves the way vets can hear, record, analyse, compare and share heart and respiratory sounds, but we discovered in early trials, that it also improves the visit experience for pets and pet owners.”

Stethee is beautifully designed, easy to use and inherently powerful. Engineered with uncompromising high resolution digital acoustic hardware in order to capture and filter heart and respiratory sounds with incredible clarity. M3DICINE worked with Veterinary cardiologists to create a bank of specially designed filters which can be selected at the touch of a button, to enhance the subtle nuances of cardiac sounds for feline, canine, equine, bovine or more exotic patients. Listen, See & Feel.

Visit Vepalabs and see Stethee Vet at the AVA 2018 Annual Conference in Brisbane, 13-18 May, 2018.

Press Contact Vepalabs: Jack Mainprize, phone: 0448 174 083  email: jack@vepalabs.com.au

Press Contact M3DICINE: Nayyar Hussain, email: nayyar@m3dicine.com



Vepalabs is a boutique supplier of Veterinary Point-of-Care diagnostic equipment and tests to Australasian veterinary practices and laboratories. Vepa has established exclusive partnerships with world-wide manufacturers to deliver on their mission to bring “best in class” technology to local Veterinarians.

Since introducing the first Cat and Dog specific glucometer, the “G-Pet” the product range has expanded each year to include Chemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Urinalysis, Blood Gas and other specialised testing. All backed up by industry leading 24/7 support 365 days per year. Proud to be chosen as preferred partner by M3DICINE we are now embarking on the next natural stage in our growth – A.I driven technologies.

Vepalabs is Australian owned and operated, based in Brisbane with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and soon Perth.




M3DICINE is a medical device platform company, focused on transforming the efficiency of health care and animal heath through connected, beautiful devices powered by intelligent, intuitive software. M3DICINE’s first products are Stethee PRO and Stethee VET, the world’s first AI-enabled stethoscope platform. The company has research agreements with Sinskey Labs at MIT, Queensland University of Technology, University of Sydney, University of Malaysia and professors and researchers at Texas A&M, Australia Zoo Hospital, and Mayo Clinic. M3DICINE is a privately held company based in Brisbane Australia with U.S. offices in New York.